"Here We Are" - Photometria Awards 2018

Subject: Here We Are

Competition "Here We Are" 2018



Under the auspices of Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Cultural Center of Ioannina and region of Epirus

Duration: 23.5-3.6.2018
(The Entrance is free for all the exhibitions at Photometria Festival)


Photometria Awards 2018 "Here we are"

Municipal Cultural multiplex - (Palea Sfagia of Ioannina)

Duration: 23.5-3.6.2018

Mon.- Sun.: 10:00-14:00 & 18:00-22:00

Opening: 23.5.2018, 21:00

Exhibition of the 25 best pictures of "HERE WE ARE" Competition 2018 & photobook exhibition of the 25 finalists of Φωτοbook Dummy Awards 2018

 Ilias Bourgiotis, "The gaze of eternity"

Municipal Gallery of Ioannina,1st floor (Korai 1)

Duration: 24.5-30.6.2018

Mon.- Thu.: 08:00-15:00, Fri: 08:00-21:00, Sun.: 10:00-13:00 & 18:00 21:00

Opening: 24.5.2018, 20:00

The exhibition "The Gaze of Eternity" includes backstage pictures from Theo Angelopoulos' last movies, and mostly from his latest, unfinished film "The Other Sea".

I had always been very fond of the art of Theo Angelopoulos. I was impressed by his filmmaking techniques, his long takes, his photography, the music of his films. When I started photographing the Greek mainland, late 80's, and published my first book "Unseen Greece", the desire to meet him, attend to his shootings and undertake the backstage shooting, became stronger and stronger.

I was intrigued to capture through my lens, through my own perspective, the time of preparation, of rehearsal, the time of waiting before Angelopoulos' shooting. An individual photographic opus before the cinematic opus itself.

A once in a lifetime experience, since our first acquaintance at lake Kerkini, when he asked me why I wanted to take backstage shots and I offered him my book "Unseen Greece": he flipped through its pages, looked at me, smiled and went on his job... Until this last portrait I took of him, during that nightmarish evening at Keratsini, when shooting his unfinished film The "Other Sea".

The collection of pictures is included in the photo book "The Gaze of Eternity" published by Topos Books.


Ilias Bourgiotis  


PHEN Exhibition

Dora Lutz (Budapest Photo Festival), Sergi Alcazar Badia (Photon Festival) Rea Papadopoulou (Photometria Festival) 


Municipal Gallery of Ioannina, Ground floor (Korai 1)

Duration: 24.5-30.6.2018

Mon.-Thu.: 08:00-15:00, Fri: 08:00-21:00, Sun.: 10:00-13:00 & 18:00 21:00

Opening: 24.5.2018, 20:00

Intruders, Dora Lutz

Skagastrοnd is a village of 460 inhabitants in the North of Iceland. People make their living mainly from fishing, visit the one local pub they have in their off time, and walk the street in a single sweater if it's already +10 degree. Remaining true to their roots is part of their lives, as is to keep their businesses to themselves. Still they proved to be an open minded community by allowing the NES artist residency to set foot in there in 2008 providing them with three houses and a studio owned by the town.

During my stay at NES in December 2016 I tried to depict this set of mind without stepping into their homes, without invading their privacy. A set of mind which keeps them sane in an environment so poor in stimulation others are easily going mad within weeks. And yet they are there, for centuries, and it didn't seem to me they have any intention to move on anytime soon.


VESTIGIUM Sergi Alcazar Badia

In the late 50s, few years after the civil war, hundreds of people were looking for a place to settle on the outskirts of Barcelona, to build homes with their own hands. As the years passed, the growing city surrounded the area, which became the target of urban speculation. Finally, the inhabitants of La Catalana faced the reality that they would be forced from their neighborhood and their homes would be destroyed after more than ten years of uncertainty.

"God loves you" is the solace of a neighbourhood fearing extinction. With the new millennium, La Catalana loses its identity and begins to be overwhelmed by people from the margins of society, waiting for houses to become empty, looking for shelter to hide their social exclusion. In a couple of months, La Catalana was almost empty. Only four small families remained for a few more weeks, wandering around the town, making fires and burning copper wire to sell the valuable parts. The last old men stood in the few quiet corners that were left. All of them wanted to stay until the very last moment. Before crumbling completely away, that ghost town endured thanks to squatters moving in.

"Vestigium" is a 10-year project showing the life and death of the La Catalana neighbourhood. It brings together the traces, the trails, the marks left behind. It represents the memories of a town in the process of dying, leaving behind both a spiritual and a physical void.


The lake you don't see, Rea Papadopoulou

For many decades families in Greece were organizing camping expeditions to the sea, building simple shelters with whatever materials could get from the area. Over the years some of these ephemeral encampments were transformed to permanent settlements. In 1999 a north Greek mayor distributes small allotments to campers in order to move them out of a popular beach. The plots, situated in a narrow strip of land between the sea and the lake of a fragile wetland, were quickly occupied by families of nearby urban areas. Rules were set and respected by a community who had the ability to build their dream homes that could also become shelters for the cold winters. A net of false legality was created while the lake disappeared behind two rows of tiny houses. In Greece illegal building is common as state urban planning usually follows years after an area is already built, thus difficult to implement. Observing this thin strip of houses, what I wish to share is that there is not one story or one way for the story to unfold.

With the support of Embassy of Hungary in Athens



Tania Franco Klein, "Our life in the shadows"

The Silversmithing Museum (Castle)

Duration: 26.5-3.6.2018

Wed.- Mon.: 10:00-18:00

Opening: 26.5.2018, 15:00

Influenced by the pursuit of the American Dream lifestyle and contemporary practices such as leisure, consumption, media overstimulation, eternal youth, and the psychological sequels they generate in our everyday private life. The project seeks to evoke a mood of isolation, desperation, vanishing, and anxiety, through fragmented images, that exist both in a fictional way and a real one. Philosopher Byung-Chul Han says we live in an era of exhaustion and fatigue, caused by an incessant compulsion to perform. We have left behind the immunological era, and now experience the neuronal era characterized by neuropsychiatric diseases such as depression, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, burnout syndrome and bipolar disorder. My characters find themselves almost anonymous, melting in places, vanishing into them, constantly looking for any possibility of escape. They find themselves alone, desperate and exhausted. Constantly in an odd line between trying and feeling defeated.


Jorje Lopez Munoz, "El Clot"

Misiou Mansion

Duration 24.5-3.6.2018

Tue.- Fri.: 09:00-13:00, 27/5 & 28/5 9:00-13:00

Opening: 24.5.2018, 21:00

El Clot (The Hole) building is an apartment block that for the last 20 years has been under threat by a City Hall plan that forecasts the demolition of 1,651 homes in El Cabanyal, Valencia's historic fisherman neighbourhood, in order to extend Blasco Ibanyez Avenue until the seafront. Meanwhile, the City Hall has acquired several homes in the area, to shut and brick them up, waiting for their demolition.

For the last years, tens of homeless gypsy families have occupied and restored some of these empty apartments in El Clot. This has put these families into the police's and the Court's spotlight. Recently, the neighbours have come together to defend themselves and to raffle a lot of other holes that they must face on a daily basis, such as exclusion, poverty, racism or real estate mobbing.

Philippe Gras, "AU COEUR DE MAI 68"

Archaeological Museum of Ioannina

Duration: 26.5-3.6.2018

Tue.- Sun.: 08:00-15:00

Opening: 26.5,2018, 13:30

This 43-photo exhibition, by Philip Gray, is a testimony of the events in May 1968 in France, which sometimes comes from history and sometimes from myth. During the famous demonstrations in Paris there were many photographers in the front line. Philip Gray is one of these photographers who, beyond the moment and gesture, portray the symbol and meaning of that period of innovations and contestations.

Philip Gray's photographic reportage stands out from any well-known documentation, first of all about the artistic value of the photographs and then about the look that holds a balance between empathy and distraction on the imprinted snapshots.

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of two documentaries entitled "May '68, a strange spring", conducted by the historian and filmmaker Dominique Bo, which present mainly testimonies of protagonists from the world of politics, parties, public administration and police forces.

Dominique Bo's series allows for a re-reading of the events in the light of testimonies by main characters barely known, and makes it possible to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a social class that is ambiguous on its bases.


With the support of Institut Francais de Grece



 Konstantinos Ignatiadis, "WISH YOU WERE HERE"

Technohoros Gallery

Duration: 25.5-3.6.2018

Mon.,Wed. & Sat.: 09:00 - 14:00,   Tue.,Thu. & Fri.: 09:00 -14:00 & 18:00 - 21:00

Opening: 25.5.2018, 21:00

Konstantinos Ignatiades creates a photographic environment in order to present the flow of a lifetime. It is an exhibition devoted to those who have existed and to those who exist both in space and time, as well as in memory. Friends, lovers, family. It is a wish from the heart, for those who have passed and now are gone, a wish to be here. But maybe they never left. Maybe it's a new rendez-vous. 

Katerina Tsakiri, "Family Affair"

St George's Gate - (Castle of Ioannina)

Duration: 26.5-3.6.2018

Mon.- Sun.: 10:00-14:00 & 18:00-22:00

Opening: 26.5.2018, 14:00

In the Family Affair series I try to portray female roles as stereotypes of Greek society as I experienced them in my childhood. I return to the home I lived in the early years of my life to portray the images of what the important others have been to me, drawing them from my subconscious where they had been shifted to be able to see as in a symbolic mirror, versions of my identity. I was photographed with my eyes closed to indicate the dimension of the imaginary in which these images were (re) born and applied. 


Parallel Voices

Evangelos Stamoulakis, Giannis Dimitras, Stephane Charpentier, Elizabeth Rovit, David Denil, Domniki Mitropoulou, Joseph Galanakis, Giorgos Marazakis, Christos Dimitriou


Amimoni Gallery (Tositsa 16)

Duration : 25.5-3.6.2018

Mon.- Sun.: 10:00-14:00 & 18:00-22:00

Opening: 25.5.2018, 19:00




-1 Gallery, The Lounge Bar (Pargis Square)

Duration: 26.5-3.6.2018

Mon.- Sun.: 10:00-22:00

Opening: 26.5.2018, 22:00




Gunpowder Warehouse, Its Kale


Mon.- Sun.: 10:00-14:00 & 18:00-22:00

Opening26.5.2018, 14:30




Municipality's Cultural Center of Ioannina (Agias Marinas 55)

Duration: 26.5-3.6.2018

Mon.- Sun.: 10:00-14:00 & 18:00-22:00

Opening: 26.5.2018, 12:00

Group exhibition of 15 Photographic Clubs "ENTEFXIS"


Antonina Gugala, "Histories"

Municipal Gallery of Meliggi Dodoni - Ioannina

Duration: 28.5-30.6.2018

Mon.- Sun.: 18:00-21:00

Opening: 28.5.2018, 14:00

Histories constitute a visual record of an ongoing investigation on identity formation and the role of material culture in this process. The exhibition presented at Photometria Festival, in Meliggoi, focuses on two chapters of the work. The photographs show everyday objects found in Greece throughout 2017. These careful and anonymous compositions of modern-day objects are viewed as material manifestations of a particular phase in history - a phase between the outbreak of a crisis and the change that follows. A phase in which the idea of what is temporary and what is permanent is being revised. The video projection is the second chapter of the work. It was realised in its entirety during the Meliggoi Photography Residency in July 2017.  It makes reference to the film adaptation of   ?Oedipus the King? which was shot in the ancient theatre in Dodoni in 1968 (dir. Philip Saville). In the video, Gugala interviews four men who participated in the film as extras and were still living in the area at the time of the residency. They talk about their memories and impressions of the filmset, life in Greece under Georgios Papadopoulos? regime and the meaning of the ancient theatre in Dodoni for the neighbouring villages. The memory of an unusual event in the history of the Epirus region comes back to life through the words of its casual protagonists.