"Here We Are" - Photometria Awards 2018

Subject: Here We Are

Competition "Here We Are" 2018




Cyanotype-Heliography Workshop

Tutor: Ioulia Ladogianni

28.5.2018, 11:00-17:00 Meliggi Dodoni - Ioannina


The workshop combines the analog and the digital photography. The participants with a little of the sun will print an image into a photo-sensitive watercolour paper.
The cyanotype is a 19th century process that combines with nowdays digital technology. A watercolour paper converts to a photosensitive material with the special chemical liquid. The chosen image inverts in negative in a programm (i.e. photoshop) and after that we print it in a gelatin. The contact print of the watercolour paper and the gelatin in the sun developes the image positive in the paper.

cyanotype liquid
digital image (300 dpi, A4 dimension, preferred portrait or naked)
gelatin Α4
glass Α4
watercolour paper


Ioulia Ladogianni is a visual artist specialized in photography. She teaches in Public and private IEK, in Rehabilitation Center of OKANA and AKTO college. She participated in several group exhibitions in Athens, Thessaloniki, England and Spain. She did solo exhibitions in 5th International Month of Photography and also in the festival Small Paris in Athens in 2016. Her recent project, slide-show installation 22 stops, displayed in Benaki Museum in Athes Photo Festival Mis/DisPlaced Performances, in gallery Beton-7 for Vision-V ideas Performances 3rd edition, in Ruf train for Compartments Dance Project, in Keffalinias' theatre for Freedom Expression of IETM, in Romantso for Multimation-Metamorfosis#1 in Animfest International Festival and in Cheap Art Exhibition 2017. Simultaneously she as curator in many photographic exhibitions in Booze Cooperativa and the gallery Match Point.
She has a Ba(Hons) Photography & Fine Art as social practice from Wolverhampton University. She is studing Ma in Museology in Aegean University (Department of Cultural Technology and Communication). She is a member of Chamber of Visual Artists in Greece since 2016.


Portfolio reviews

Palea sfagia theater - Ioannina

Eleni Mouzakiti (photographer, freelance curator of photography exhibitions and publications, tutor for personal project and portfolio development)

Iraklis Papaioanou (Director of Thessaloniki Museum of Photography)

Ilias Bourgiotis (Photographer)


Sebastian Vaida (Director of Photoromania Festival)

27.5.2018, 15:00-17:00

Cost for all the reviewers: 45 euros

For 1 reviewer: 15 Euros


Palea Sfagia of Ioannina: Photography Lectures, 26.5.2018, 17:00-21:00

Tasos Schizas & Anastasia Michailoglou, Fotis Kaggelaris, Eleni Tragea, Ilias Bourgiotis, Rea Papadopoulou, Dora Lutz

Tasos Schizas & Anastasia Michailoglou, MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY: INNOVATION OR RETRO? 

A presentation of the innovations and the references in the past of modern photography, through the pages of "Photoeidolo" magazine. The speech is accompanied by the exhibition of the publications of "Photoeidolo".