"LOVE" - Photometria Awards 2017

Subject: LOVE

Competition "LOVE" 2017

CONTESTS/ "LOVE" - Photometria Awards 2017


Use the form below for registering and uploading your photo at the same time.
When you complete the process you will see your details printed.

** You can upload 1 photo not larger than 500ΚΒ

** The succesful registration shows the data you entered.


50 words left

• upto 500ΚΒ, only .jpg, .png, .gif

With registering you agree with the Terms.

• Participation is free. The applicants have the right to send only one picture photo, not bigger than 500kb.
• Photos must be original work of the participants and the organizer bears no responsibility for any copyright theft.
• The Photometria Festival is not obliged to return the printed photo to the participants.
• Participants grant the right to the organizers to publish, display and print the photos, with the only condition that the photographer's name will be mentioned. However, participants have no right to renumeration.
• The copyright of the photos belongs to the photographers.
• The assessing of the photographs will be based on the composition, consistency and their relation to the competition's theme "Love".
• Participation in the contest implies automatically that the non-exact compliance with the terms of the competition (non indication, inaccurate data, sending more than one photo, etc) leads to the exclusion from the contest.
• Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of the above terms and no claims can be made against the the organizing authority.
• The judgment of the five member committee shall be final and no objection or any other claim is acceptable.
• If your photo is selected to the top 25, you will be asked for your original file in a good resolution for printing.
• The short text for the text photo award should be 50 words max, in english.
• By entering the competition you agree to your information by email to the actions of Photometria Festival.