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About the festival

Member of Photo Europe Network

Photometria International Photography Festival is organized by “Entefxis”, a non-profit organization. Organized for the 14th year in the city of Ioannina is the first interactive Photography Festival in which everyone who loves the art of photography can participate.

Our vision is for Photometria International Photography Festival to become a showcase of contemporary photography, to support local and foreign photographers, of education and cultivation of partnerships with cultural organizations and festivals in Greece and abroad. Hopefully, Photometria International Photography Festival is a cross-cultural meeting point, bringing ideas, traditions, worldviews, and expressive media from all over the world. With dedication to the project and wishing for its establishment of the organizers call for participation, not only renowned photographers but also amateurs to take part in the field of expression.

Our expectation is for Photometria Festival to be a cultural umbrella under which photographic expression and creativity grows. Get ready for another Photometria Festival full of creativity, exhibitions, seminars and photographic wanderings.





Founders: Panagiotis Papoutsis, Achilleas Tziakos

Art Director: Panagiotis Pappas

Communication Manager: Marilena Gkoni

Screenings coordinator: Danai Agnanti

Coordinator of “Entefxis”: Anna Chernenko

Program & Grants Manager: Chrysoula Chitou

Texts’s Curation: Danai Agnanti

Photographic prints: Konstantinos Mouselimis, Karapanos Apostolis

Μanagement Consultant: George Papathanasiou

Accounting Services: Konstantinos Siorentas, 2651070016

Legal counsel: Konstantinos Tsoumanis

Web Design: www.youwebit.gr



Achilleas Tziakos was born in 1969, studied Economics and Statistics at the Department of Informatics of the OPA. He is co-founder of the Photometria International Photography Festival. Upon his return to Ioannina, he founded a radio station and an advertising company, helping to create the public image, communication of businesses. At the same time he was involved in publications as well as in events management.



Panagiotis Papoutsis studied photography, business administration and has a master’s degree in Cultural Management with specialisation in Photography Festivals. He has co-founded the Photometria International Photography Festival. As a photographer and manager of culture, he has organized numerous cultural events and photo exhibitions in Europe and has been invited to give lectures and view portfolios at several European photo festivals.



Art Director:

Panagiotis Pappas was born at 1989 at Ioannina. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences and he has MD from the same Department at Photographic Installation. He is artistic director of Photometria International Photography Festival and he works as a professor since 2014, in photography and fine arts. He is instructor of photography seminars and lectures and his artwork has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.



Director of Screenings:

Danai Kalliopi Agnanti was born in Larissa, Greece, in 1995. She grew up in Chania, Crete, where she attended art classes from the age of six, in various art laboratories. In 2019 she completed her studies at the department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences, School of Fine Arts, in University of Ioannina. Her works have been exhibited in various group exhibitions, such as Terra Incognita (2017) and the 9th Biennale of Students of Fine Arts Schools of Greece (2019). Since 2016 she has been a volunteer, curator of exhibitions and director of screenings at the Photometria International Photography Festival. Since 2019, she is an art instructor. Another interest is chess, as well as teaching it to children. She adores cinema and photography.



Communication Manager:

Marilena Gkoni has graduated from the Audiovisual Arts Department of Ionian University in Corfu and she is a holder of postgraduated degree of the latter school. Her occupation concerns the art of photography, video, graphic design and 3D sculpting. She has participated in different seminars of photography, among which, the most valuable was the Photography Photometria Festival. She is a volunteer in the festival from 2016, having the position of supervisor of video and photography covering the festival and also she is communications and marketing manager of the festival. She has working experience as cameraman-video editor-graphic designer and as a presenter of a cultural on-screen supplement on a tv show of the same channel. At the moment, she is working as a freelancer photographer and video editor, she has a radio show on the local radio station. Meanwhile, she has a web show about the cultural events that take place in Ioannina. This show can be found also on the local site PBNEWS of the city.  


Coordinator of Entefxis:

Anna Chernenko was born in 1995 in Konotop, Ukraine. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Ioannina, in 2020. Since 2018 she has been a volunteer and curator of exhibitions at the Photometria International Photography Festival. Recently, she took over the coordination of the “Entefxis”. She also deals with the art of engraving and photography.



Program & Grants Manager:

Chrysoula Chitou was born in 1998 in Trikala. In 2020 she graduated from the Department of Economics, and holds a MSc in Economic Analysis and Policy from the School of Economics and Management Science of the University of Ioannina. Since 2021 she has been a volunteer, responsible for programs and grants at the Photometria International Photography Festival.