Greek S.S.R. (Greek Soviet Socialist Republic), 2014-2016
Paper, pencil, gouache, marker
Dimensions variables


Gunpowder depot (Its Kale)

Duration: 25.9 – 3.10.2021

Mon. – Sun.: 17:00 – 22:00

“Some people have said that Greece is the last soviet economy, despite the fact that the country was never part of the soviet bloc” This is an extract from Greek prime minister’s speech, Antonis Samaras, to the Economist’s conference on July 11th 2014. At that time, this remark was echoing a general neoliberal rhetoric trying to find excuses regarding the economic crisis. The comment led to a historical intervention placing Greece as actual member of the former Soviet Union. The drawings are exercising studies for the re-imagination of the Greek flag during this era.

Konstantinos Kotsis (b. 1989, Athens) is a visual artist, with a bachelor and master degree from the Department of Fine Arts and Arts Sciences, of the School of Fines Arts of the University of Ioannina, Greece. He has also attended UFR Arts, Philosophie, Esthétique department of the University Paris 8 in Paris. At 2019 he has taken part in the SNF Artist Fellowship Program, ARTWORKS. Konstantinos Kotsis is elaborating his research and his special interest about construction. Works of him have been exhibited in several group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, with most important among them being the following: Unhappy Monuments (2020, OPANDA & ARTWORKS, Eleftherias Park, Athens) Constellations In The Dirt (2018, ΝEON, Kouphonisi Archaeological Collection, Kouphonisi), Acropolis At The Bottom (2018, Nikos Kessanlis Hall, Athens School Of Fine Arts, Athens), Notes On Division, The Kids Want Communism Third Instalment (2017, Museum Of Bat Yam, Israel) In The Mouth Of The Wolf. Die Wolf, Die (2014, House Of Cyprus, Embassy Of Cyprus, Athens).