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Winners – Photometria Awards 2022 “Looking for the Light”

Here are the 3 selected photographs by Martin Parr, winners of Photometria Awards 2022 “Looking for the light”:

1st place
Daria Tsygankova, “The dark knight”
Prize: OLYMPUS E-M10 III Silver + EZ-M1442 EZ, from OM Digital Solutions
2nd place
Akis Pasalidis, “Untitled”
Prize: Photo books worth 150€

3rd place

Noemi Comi, “Deathfest”

Prize: CULLMANN SYDNEY pro Maxima 425+ black, camera bag, from OM Digital Solutions

In addition, one of the three winners has the opportunity to participate in the next year’s (2023) festival, with a solo exhibition!


Results Announcement – Photometria Awards 2022 “Looking for the light”

Here is the selection of the 25 photographs of Photometria Awards 2022 “Looking for the light” competition:

• Tsygankova Daria Vasilevna, ”The dark knight”
• Akis Pasalidis, ”Untitled” @akis_pasalidis
• Noemi Comi, ”Deathfest” @noemicomi
• Vasilis Gonis, ”Don’t look at the sun” @gonisvassilis
• Vladimiros Tachmatzidis, “Trip to knowhere” @fourstreetsmixing
• Aggelos Barai, ”Untitled” @aggelos_barai
• Mohammad Reza Masoumi, ”Ahoora” @mohammadrezamasoumi_29
• Andi Abdul Halil, ”The Best Friend” @andihalil
• Nikos Konidaris, ”Angeliki” @nikos_konidaris
• Arezoo Babagoli, ”In the heart of the earth” @sheidababagoli
• Tatiana Mishchenko ”Ephemeral Motels”
• Sophia Tolika, “The escape of Philoctetes” @slolika
• Olga Tkachenko , ”Spring morning”
• Gali Tibbon, ”Cross of Light” @gali_tibbon_photographer
• Elina Kichheva, ”Shaman”
• Elena Kozlova, ”Natalie”
• Antonis Papakonstantinou, ”Light composition”
• Natalia Gorshkova, ”Jugglers”
• Maria Karofillidou, ”On the beach” @maria_karofillidou
• Matteo Capone, ”Solo” @matteo_capone
• Azamat Matkarimov, ”Mysterious shepherd”
• Ali Moarref, ”Pray for forgiveness” @ali.moarref
• Sasan Moayyedi, “Love Story” @sasan_moayyedi
• Sibusiso Bheka, ”Iparty” @sibusiso_bheka
• Isidoros Blougkaris, ”Breathe” @isidorosblougkaris

Those photos will be exhibited at the Photometria Awards exhibition this September, at Ioannina!

Open Call – Photometria Awards 2022 – for 14th consecutive year!
The established Photometria Awards photography competition is here for the 14th consecutive year!
Judge for the second time is Martin Parr! Follow the link for more information!
Contest: Photometria Awards 2022 judged by Martin Parr
Theme: Looking for the Light
Entry Fee: Free of charge
Duration: 1.4 – 31.5.2022

We look forward to your participation!

Results Announcement Parallel Voices 2022

The winners of Parallel Voices 2022 competition, who are going to exhibit their work at the festival this year, are:


Mark Adams (GB) 

Mauro Curti (IT)

Giacomo Infantino (IT) 

Natalia Kepesz (PL)

Rosa Rodriguez (ES)

Stephie Grape (GR)

Sakis Dazanis (GR)

Antonis Panagopoulos (GR)

Lefteris Paraskevaidis (GR)


Congratulations to the nine winners and thank everyone who participated!

Last destination for Photometria Awards 2020 “Stalk me”: Naousa!


People that never sleep. Open screens and we spectators and spectacles at the same time. People staring up at us, a curiosity about the lives of others. We, first of all, photographing the unexpected and the random, before it gets lost in endless time. Because it’s our insatiable curiosity that pushed us there. A photo shoot on the street, a persistent look at the hidden or at something that we hadn’t even noticed until now, an obsessive glance. From Sophie Calle’s camera at the “Suite Venitienne” to the modern London’s street surveillance cameras. We live in a time where technology enables a continuous and two-way Panopticon. An endless surveillance of which we do not always know on which side we are. An instinctive need to see and be seen. Stalk us!


The venues where the photo exhibition will be hosted will observe the sanitary protocols and the visitors will enter, as defined by the new measures of the co-competent ministries, in order to avoid the spread of Covid 19.


Duration: 13- 20.11.2021

Hours: 11:00-14:00 & 17:00-21:00

Exhibition space: “Kamini”, Naousa

Opening: 13.11.2021 at 20:00

Entrance: free


In collaboration with Δήμος Ηρωϊκής Πόλης Νάουσας

Open Call – Portfolio Contest, Parallel Voices 2022

Photometria International Photography Festival wishing to continue the promotion of modern photographic creation, announces a portfolio contest from November 1st to December 31st 2021.

Participants are asked for one (1) portfolio of fifteen (15) photographs, of which eight (8) will be selected. Through them, the photographer will deal with a topic of his preference, an idea or even the narration of a story. 

The best nine (9) portfolios that will be selected will be the material of the exhibition entitled “Parallel Voices”, for 2022.


The selection of the portfolios will be based on the following characteristics:


A. The relevance of the pictures to the topic.

B. The coherence of the pictures as a united whole.

C. The artistic and aesthetic quality of the photos.


Jury team


Panagiotis Papoutsis, Founder – Photometria Festival

Achilleas Tziakos , Founder – Photometria Festival

Panagiotis Pappas, Artistic Director – Photometria Festival




The cost for every participant is 15 euros (15 €). To find out how you are going to pay, please press: SUBMISSION


Each photographer has to send his pictures at a digital form via WeTransfer at portfolio@photometria.gr. Also, in the same WeTransfer the following data should be sent in PDF:





The results will be announced on February 1, 2022, at the website of the festival (www.photometria.gr), at social networks, whereas the winners will be informed also via email.

The best nine (9) portfolios that will be selected will be the material of the exhibition entitled “Parallel Voices”, for 2022.


Terms of Participation


1. Your participation is going to be valid only if you have sent the portfolio and paid the cost of your participation.

2. In case the photographs depict individuals without their knowledge or their approve, the responsibility lies exclusively on the photographer at whom the work belongs to and not on Photometria International Photography Festival.

3. The large side of the pictures sent must be 1500 pixels wide and 300 ppi in resolution.

4. Of those who will be excelled from the contest, it will be requested in time, to send their pictures at full resolution to be printed for the following exhibition.

5. The final day which pictures will be accepted is December 31 of 2021.

6. The results will be announced at the website of the festival (www.photometria.gr), at social networks, whereas the winners will be informed also via email.

7. The excelled portfolios will be the material of the exhibition entitled ‘’Parallel Voices”, which will take place at place specified by the festival. Photometria International Photography Festival reserves the right to use the excelled pictures for the promotion of these exhibitions, as also at future promotional acts of the festival, with reference to the creator of the work. The printed portfolios will be reserved at the archive of the festival which holds the right to manage them and re-exhibit them.


The submission of your portfolio entails the acceptance of the above terms of the festival from each individual competitor.


We are waiting for your participation!

Results Announcement Student Awards 2021
 The 1st Student Awards competition from the Photometria International Photography Festival 2021 was completed with success and positive impressions! We would like to thank everyone who participated and shared their photographic ideas! We also thank those who rushed to support this new venture, as well as Lila Zotou who singled out the winners through 51 entries:
                1st prize: Blyertspenna, Eva Vei
                2nd prize: Findings, Athanasios Thiriou
                3rd prize: Abandonment, Christina Rosi
 The first three are completed with an honorary mention by:
                              Samba, Stefania Nikou
                              Visited Places, Chrysa Katsantoni
 We are looking forward to the presentation of the exhibition of the 5 photo series above, curated by Ioulia Ladogianni and Tassos Papadopoulos and we are waiting you all there!
 Do not forget also that all the photographic portfolio collections of the participants will be presented in the form of a projection during the exhibition!
Photometria in Motion – Open Call

Photometria International Photography Festival is back for the 14th year, setting as a starting transmitter, for the 5th consecutive year, the moving image competition, Photometria in Motion. In order to highlight new ways of utilizing the image, it invites you to submit your work in the categories: Animation, Video Art, Short Films and Documentary!




 The submission of the projects will last from 01/08/2021 till 30/09/2021. The timeline schedule of application is:  


                      ♦ 01/08 – 20/8: free entrance

                      ♦ 21/08 – 10/9: 10 €

                      ♦ 11/09 – 30/09: 25 €


Participants are asked to make an online submission of their project/s, which will be able to be downloaded, with the maximum duration of 20 minutes (20′) and no restrictions in subject, as well as a brief descriptive text of the work. If the original language of the film is not greek, then should also be submitted the necessary material, of greek or english dialogues.



Follow the link below to complete the registration form:




or sign in and submit your work through FilmFreeway: 





The choice will be made by Danai and Dimitris Agnantis, based on the relevance of the description of the idea to its execution. The selected works will be part of the material of this year’s festival screenings in venues and dates to be announced.


The results will be announced on the website (www.photometria.gr) and on the social media of the festival. The winners will also be notified by personal email.


Rules & Terms


1. The projects must be product of the participant.

2. Each participant can declare as many works as they want but only one can be selected (in case of selection).

3. In case that the works depict persons unknowingly or without their approval, responsibility lies     solely with the creator to whom the work belongs and not the Photometria International   Photography Festival.

4. Photometria International Photography Festival has the right to use the selected works in future   promotions of the festival.

5. The selected works will be kept in the archive of the festival, which retains the right to re-   exhibiting them, always referring to the creator of each project and not for commercial purposes.

6. The copyrights of each work belong to their creators.


The submission of the registration form at the Open Call of Photometria in Motion, which is part of the 14th Photometria International Photography Festival, automatically means acceptance of the terms and conditions that have been set forth above.

Results Announcement Photometria in Motion 2021

Animation – Video Art – Short Films


We present to you the selected Animation, Video Art and Short Films of the Photometria in Motion 2021, which will be screened during the 13th edition of the Photometria International Photography Festival. We would like to thank all those who honored and responded to our invitation with their participation and especially those whose films we will enjoy live!





The Boy and The Mountain – Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal

Bear With Me – Daphna Awadish

Ex Terrat – Reinhold Bidner

The Dead Hands of Dublin – Leo Crowley

Dandedog – Elmano Diogo

Paint On Paint # 1 – Vasco Diogo

Stopgap in Stop Motion – Stephen Featherstone

Mimesis – María Josefa Luengo

I Am a Motif – Sijia Luo

Mare Monstrum – Lucía Hernández Martínez, Àngel Estois Carrasco, Mercè Sendino García

Swan Lake – Saeed Mayahy, Hamid Jamali

Malfunction – Ilgın Saçan

Magic Head – Anastasia Shinkarenko

First day of a chick – Anastasia Shinkarenko

Sea ya – Yani Sun

Dustria – Allison Tanenhaus


Video Art


All That Remains – Recep Akar

Melancholia (1) – Michael Amter

Veo mis huesos – Thomas Georg Blank

Old Age – Philip Brocklehurst

The First Few Moments of The First of January – Eneos Çarka

Monument to the Tiny, Fragile Human Body – Antony Crossfield

Music Evoked Story #1/ “Jellyfish” – Zoi Dalaina

Music Evoked Story #2/ “Manisero” – Zoi Dalaina

Selected Milk Added from Reconstituted Milk Powder Whole Pasteurized Homogenized – Jose Luis Ducid, Alfonso Camarero, Maria Meseguer

Balloons – Chris Furby

Haiku – Martin Gerigk

Imply Red – Werther Germondari       

How the World Fell in Between the Cracks – Mona Hedayati

Transmitting and Receiving – Dee Hood

August – Good John

The Prophetess – Marco Joubert

The dream – Stelios Karatheodorou

Distant Nixa – Antonis Kartezos

Punishment – Antonis Kartezos

Chatbot Dialogs – Marina Landia

P A N O R A M A – Davide De Lillis, Nicola Galli

Silhouettes –  Davide De Lillis, Julia Metzger-Traber

Gravity Tides (Subtle Dance) – Ruxandra Mitache

Orbital Squares – Moojin brothers

Life Without Moon – Carles Pamies

Two – Vasilios Papaioannu

Shadows on a house – Andrew Payne

A rose behind the mask – Nacho Recio

Ant – Nacho Recio

Jenna – Nacho Recio

Morphogenesis -Nacho Recio

Self-portrait – Nacho Recio

Shadows of a radio in the east – Nacho Recio

Woodworm lab – Nacho Recio

Save Me – Luis Antonio Rodriguez

Collage 25 – Luis Carlos Rodríguez

Imaginary Chronicles – Muriel Sago

A shepherd looking for his lost sheep – Eirini Tampasouli

Corporate Responsibility Pledge – Allison Tanenhaus

We Are Ready Now – Jack Thomson

La Citta Reale – Hing Tsang

The New Renaissance Infinity Symbol – Ela Wiatr

Dirt – Helanius J. Wilkins, Roma Flowers

RONDO – Telemach Wiesinger

SIGNAL – Telemach Wiesinger

Tub Time – Jaffe Zinn


Short Films


Backhand Stroke – Marcos Altuve

Happy birthday – Marcos Altuve

Dreams Aren’t Made by the Wind – Elvert Bañares

Life without food – Yana Belyaeva

Glances – Aleksei Borovikov

Home – Aleksei Borovikov

Jump – Aleksei Borovikov

One More Please – Aleksei Borovikov

Roadkill – Aliza Brugger

Summer Heat – Mert Ceylan

From Khovrino – Daria Elena Dashunina

SOSivio – Nikolaos Galanis, Nikos Konstantakis, students of Primary school in Kounavi

Time never comes back – Nikolaos Galanis, Students of 2nd Primary school in Skala Lakonias

Ah, these damn letters: au – Nikolaos Galanis, Students of 2nd Primary school in Skala Lakonias

JE VIENS – Cecilia Galli

Notes from my younger self – Natasha Giannaraki

Off for some Beers! – Haris Gioulatos

Salty, Sweet – Péter Hajmási

The Bead Fight – Serafim Infante-Arana

Neon Hearts – Ana Jakimska

Let’s talk about a talk – Zhou Jialin

MEGARO – Vasilis Kalemos

Beef Stew – Nikos Kallipolitis

In Memoriam – Dimitrios Karas

Wish – Seyoung Lee

The inhabitant – Diego Mandelman

A Skeleton in the Closet – Eugenia Marouli

CanceRL – Anastasis Mavrogiannis, Ioannis Charalambou

Counting Cherries – Gabriele Mendonça

Fishnet and the fish – Ali Νikfar

Wash Me Please – Ali Nikfar, Saeid Mayahy

SIC PARVIS MAGNA – Stefanos Nomikos

All Alone in April – Ace Norton

Obligate – Barış Ordu

The Man in the Bushes – Vasilios Papaioannu, Emma Piper-Burket

A Few Flower Branches – Mehrdad Parvani

Surfaces – José Luis González Peña

Behind the gate – Taras Petrenko, Roksolana Khanas

Black Cherries – Unni Rav, Addi Ajmani

Bryan Zanisnik’s Big Pivot – Nick Ravich

Epitaph to N/949 – Nacho Recio

Preferentes – Nacho Recio

Hung Between the Sky and the Earth – Noemi Rossano, Dario Patrocinio

Black White – Alexis Rummler

A Strange Season – Burak Oguz Saguner

Wreathless – George Sefer

From time to time, I burn – Carlos Segundo

Subcutaneous – Carlos Segundo

Best Guests – Max Sherwood

A Leaf – Bishara Shoukry

Handshake – Katerina Sigala

Rosa Kairo – Jacques Simha

One – Roman Sinitsyn

The Middle – Soheil Soheili

Fire Extinguisher – Rodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado

Lot’s Wife – Panagiotis Stergianos

Agua Man – Alican Tamkan

A State of Mind – Dimitris Tranos

My Land – Dimitris Tranos

Red Bean Soup – Kadi Tsang

The Followers – Diego Valdés, Marcelo Numi

Selfie – Joaquín Vallet

2 tea and 4 biscuit – Yess K

The Night Beyond – Luo Yijue

The Awakening Hour – III act – Nicola Zambelli

A Letter to god – Bahman Zangeneh

Nox – Mateusz Zieliński


Results Announcement Parallel Voices 2021

The winners of Parallel Voices 2021 competition which are going to exhibit their work at the festival this year are:


Ioannis Asmis (GR)

Polydefkis Asonitis (GR)

Emilia Haar (DE)

Makis Makris (GR)

Noemi Komi (IT)

Karoline Schneider (DE)

Alexandre Silberman (FR)

Vasiliki Stamou (GR)

Vassilis Vasileiou (GR)