"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019

CONTESTS/ National Identity, Photocitizens 2016-17


Photocitizens (National Identity):

Rita Tilkeridou
Dimitris Vavouras
Eleni Pontiki
Dimitra Komnari
Emanuele Donazza
Ioannis Robokos
Afroditi Aggeletopoulou
Aggelos Barai
Aliki Koutoura
Ioannis Chondrogiannis
Adam Sylaiounis
Davide Palmisano


© Rita Tilkeridou


© Dimitris Vavouras


© Eleni Pontiki


© Dimitra Komnari


© Emanuele Donazza


© Ioannis Robokos


© Afroditi Aggeletopoulou


© Aggelos Barai


© Aliki Koutoura


© Ioannis Chondrogiannis


© Adam Sylaiounis


© Davide Palmisano









Entefxis is delighted to announce its partnership with PHOTOCITIZENS for the project NATIONAL IDENTITY. Student and Adult Learners of photography are invited to submit their photos through Photometria International Photography Festival.


"Photocitizens International Photography Festival was established in 2015. It's aim is to connect undergraduate and postgraduate photography students across the world with International photography festivals, galleries and art organisations. For it's inaugural project it gathered partners from Italy, France, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Turkey and the UK to research, collaborate, and showcase future talent".

Paul O'Leary - Founder/Director


  • Leicester College School of Photography, Leicester,UK

  • PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

  • Gobelins, l'ecole de  l'image. Departement Photo, Paris, France

  • Photometria International Photography Festival, Ioannina, Greece                                                      

  • Officine Fotografiche, Rome, Italy        

  • Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, Turkey         

  • Facultad de Bellas Artes de Murcia, area de Escultura, Murcia, Spain

  • Les Boutographies Recontres Photographiques de Montpellier, Montpellier, France



"Wherever we go, on our face we wear our land. Whatever we do, in the soles of our shoes, in the timber of our voice, in the texture of our skins, in the depth of our eyes, we wear our country. The wind chases after us, depositing on our lips the scent of home, the flashes of our memory, the songs of our origin".

Tahar Ben Jelloun (1994)


From the preface to Owen Logam's book 'Bloodlines - Vite allo Specchio'.

'Nations were the worst invention of human history'

Toni Negri, Documenta 14


"In the globalized world we live in, the individual can have a plurality of identities depending on his or her situation. Although globalization is opening up spatial borders either by voluntary or forced migration there are many contradictions. Identity may be one of the country we left behind or of the country in which we reside, the country of a previous generation of our family or with a continent such as Europe or Africa. Identification (or not) with a particular national or ethnic group can form the central pillar of one's personality".

The NATIONAL IDENTITY Project seeks to explore the labels that define the idea of national identity: how people describe themselves and the signs and symbols that they use as groups or individuals to portray that identity.

The overall objective of the NATIONAL IDENTITY project is to challenge the viewer to think about how we form national identity. Selected images should communicate to the viewer's national identity and how it is signified by of actions, signs, symbols and the environment.

Please write in a foreword to the works that communicate your conceptual approach to the brief and a title.


  • Participants may send the Open Call through wetransfer.com to competition@photometria.gr and after you complete the form. Participation fees are 12 euros paid to www.photobookstore.gr

  • 4-5 photographs (RGB, JPG format max width 1024 pixels and max height 768 px, 72dpi, no bigger than 500 KB) . If selected, participants will send higher resolution images. These will need to be JPGS sized to A3 (420mm x 297mm), 300dpi. 

  • Naming your jpg files as: Surname_Forename_Title_Nationality_Country_Number  (Nationality is the nationality of your chosen subject. The Country is the institute country. Number is 1-5 of your series) example Kazantzakis_giorgos_english_photometria1.jpg

  • Artist's statement in English (max.250 words)

  • form (in English)



    The deadline for submissions is 30th of November 2016, 11:59 pm (GMT +2)

 Your participation is going to be valid only if you have sent the photos and paid the cost of your participation (12 euros).



  • The jury is comprised of photographers, festival managers (Panagiotis Papoutsis, Photini Papahatzi, Achilleas Tziakos) and will select 40-50 images.

  • Selected photos will be part of a projection in Les Boutographies in Montpellier (May2017), Photometria International Photography festival (June 2017) and venues in Paris, Leicester, Murcia, Istanbul, Budapest and Rome in 2017-2018.


  • The project is open to all photography students and adult learners

  • Participants may submit a maximum of FIVE entries.

  • Photos can be edited and filters applied, however, entries must comprise one image only.


  • All entries must be original work and the participant must either be the sole owner or the transferee of the copyright.

  • By entering the project, participants retain full copyright of their images. However, participants also agree to be bound by Facebook legal terms (https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms). Participants also grant the organisers the right to publish and exhibit uploaded photographs.

  • No fee will be payable by the organisers for this use.

  • Participants should retain the original digital file/negative of their entry as they may be asked to prove ownership of the work, as well as providing the promoter with the photo in the highest possible resolution

  • The amount of 12 euros from each participant does not return after the end of the competition and the announcement of the results.


The jury is Panagiotis Papoutsis, Photini Papahatzi, Achilleas Tziakos


For additional information please contact competition@photometria.gr


Name /Surname :

Student / Adult Learner of  :..............

Please fill in the Institution /University/ Adult Learning Centre that you attend in 2016-7

Contact email :

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ALL PHOTOS/ Εθνική Ταυτότητα, Photocitizens 2016-17