"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019

CONTESTS/ Φωτοbook Dummy Awards 2017










The names of the best dummies are:

 1. Konstantinos Gdontakis - Malpena Tempo -

2. Elena Aya Bundurakis - Looking for Summer in the middle of my adulthood -

3. Ivan Navarro Capilla - 94 -

Georgia Ponirakou - A Journey -


It was a great honour to go through excellent submissions. We were all impressed by the talent of the participants and we can't wait to show to the public the amazing projects. The winners will be announced during Photometria festival. The finalists will all be given an opportunity to be seen through various festivals in Greece and abroad.

The finalists were:

Anna-Gaelle PIQUET, Title of dummy: Mother'Hood
Antonios Boultadakis, Title of dummy: muscovy's scent
Aristoula Beti, Title of dummy: Once upon a child.. Pomak villages
Elena Aya Bundurakis, Title of dummy: Looking for Summer in the Middle of My Adulthhood
Elena Pavlidou, Title of dummy: Κάπου πήγαινες
Evangelos Stamoulakis, Title of dummy: Summer notes
George E. Holroyd III, Title of dummy: Poetic Memory
Georgia Ponirakou, Title of dummy: A journey
Hiro Tanaka, Title of dummy: Around 42nd and 7th
Ivan Navarro Capilla, Title of dummy: Ninety-four
Ιrina vosgerau, Title of dummy: Timetraveller
John Stratoudakis, Title of dummy: Milky Way
John Robokos, Title of dummy: False Reality
Josef Galanakis, Title of dummy: Chernobyl 1986-
Konstantinos Gdontakis, Title of dummy: malpena tempo
Levchenko Svitlana, Title of dummy: Message
Lilla Szasz, Title of dummy: Happy New Year (2014)
Louloudia Gredi, Title of dummy: Matter of dreams / Υλικό ονείρων
Manos Chrisovergis, Title of dummy: A terrible beauty
Marilia Fotopoulou, Title of dummy: Interior Decoration
Massimiliano Farina, Title of dummy: Rivus Altus - 10.000 visual fragments from the Rialto bridge in Venice
Panagiotis Tsikos, Title of dummy: Dark Dreamland
Rita Tilkeridou, Title of dummy: Girlhood
Sophia Tolika, Title of dummy: Σάσα
Stavros Stamatiou, Title of dummy: A raven's dream

Open Call
1st prize: design and production of 150 copies. Guidance by Stefano Bianchi and Eva Voutsaki, distribution of the completed book via Photobookstore.gr
2nd prize: participation to the photo book seminar that will take place during the festival, guidance and distribution of the completed book via Photobookstore.gr
3rd prize: guidance through 2 skype meetings and distribution of the finished book via Photobookstore.gr

Besides the dummies from the three winners, all finalists will be exhibited during the 1st Φωτοbook Dummy Awards exhibition of Photometria. The exhibition will travel to Chania, Thessaloniki and other festivals that photometria collaborates with.



Eva Voutsaki

Ιnternationally recognized photographer and advocate of self-published photographic books. Her dummies have been exhibited in the Tokyo Institute of Photography, in the Museum of Photographic book in Cologne, and others. More information on her personal page www.evavoutsaki.com

Stefano Bianchi

Ιnitiator and founder of the Internet platform Crowdbooks that facilitates the financing, production and distribution of photography books https://crowdbooks.com


Terms of participation

All proposals will be judged on their aesthetically and conceptually association between the pictures and how they communicate with each other in the printed book.

A dummy is an unfinished book, hence imperfections are accepted.

* Dummy = original idea and unfinished first edition of the book, so that the creator / publisher understands the format / size / nature of the final book. As a draft of the idea it warrants defects and is open to change and improvement.

The selected books from the finalists will be exhibited during Photometria International Photography Festival and then form a mobile library that will travel to Chania (LEFKI) and Thessaloniki.

The submitted work can be individual or collective.

Only one dummy per participant can be submitted and it must be original and not published or exhibited as a whole in a major photography event previously.

The work should be as close as possible to the final version.


The process has 2 stages:

A: Emailing the material

Β: Sending the material by post.

In detail:

A Stage: (Until May 1st)

Send by e-mail to competition@photometria.gr 


A.1 The dummy as a PDF file

A.2 The application form Photometria_Dummy-Award_2017_application_EN participation through the following format: adding your surname after EN (eg: Photometria_Dummy Award_2017_application_EN_Voutsaki)

A.3 A few photos of the dummy as an object.

A.4 Payment of the fee through the e-shop of Photometria Festival which is: 10 Euros


B Stage: Finalists will be notified by e-mail by May 9th and they should post their dummies until May 21st. to the following address:
Agia Sofia 31, post code 45221, Anatoli - Ioannina, Greece.



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