"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019

CONTESTS/ Here We Are - Photometria Awards 2018

The winners are:

1. Nick Stergiopoulos



2. Vasilis Zverdas


3. Saeed Rezvanian

Photo Contest "Photometria Awards 2018"

Photometria International Photography Festival with pleasure open its doors for the 10th consecutive year. This year's theme is "Here we are", suggesting the consolidation of Photometria in the photo frame.

Literally given "Here we are" refers to here and now. It insinuates a position or point without the meaning of dimension with measurable elements. It insinuates a certain position in, either hypothetical or real space, a geographical location with spatial characteristics.

Μetaphorically  refers to an imaginable site that defines a focal point or reference point. The temporal, critical, boundary, controversial and symbolic landmark undermines every aspect of our everyday life. It concerns the social, political, economic, racial, cultural, environmental, religious, technological, scientific, psychological condition that characterizes us and makes us present in the "hic et nunc" of the era.

Participation Dates : 1 - 30 of April 2018 (23:59 pm)(GMT +2), you can upload your photo on the theme of Love through the platform.
On May 23rd the results of the best 25 photos will be anounced. The exhibition of the winning photos will take place in the cultural multiplex of Ioannina in Palea Sfagia, 23.5 - 3.6.2018. The same exhibition will travel to 13 greek and 3 foreign cities.


1st Jury Award:

Nikon D3400 + AF-P 18-55mm kit

2nd Jury Award: Photographic Books 150 euros

3rd Jury Award: Photographic Books 70 euros


In addition, one of the three winners has the opportunity to participate in the next year's festival with a solo exhibition.

Attention, changes in this year's competition

All the photographs will be posted online and will appear at the end of the competition, in order to prevent the copying of ideas.
After the uploading, a message appears about the successful photo's uploading.

Results: The four awards will be announced on June 3rd, 2018 at the closing ceremony of Photometria International Photography Festival, will take place in the cultural multiplex of Ioannina in Palea Sfagia and will be announced on www.photometria.gr


Ilias Mpourgiotis
Rea Papadopoulou
Sebastian Vaida
Tania Franco Klein
Tasos Shizas

Participation terms

Participation is free. The applicants have the right to send only one picture photo, not bigger than 500kb.

Photos must be original work of the participants and the organizer bears no responsibility for any copyright theft.

The Photometria Festival is not obliged to return the printed photo to the participants.

Participants grant the right to the organizers to publish, display and print the photos, with the only condition that the photographer's name will be mentioned. However, participants have no right to renumeration.

The copyright of the photos belongs to the photographers.

The assessing of the photographs will be based on the composition, consistency and their relation to the competition's theme HERE WE ARE.

Participation in the contest implies automatically that the non-exact compliance with the terms of the competition (non indication, inaccurate data, sending more than one photo, etc) leads to the exclusion from the contest.

Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of the above terms and no claims can be made against the the organizing authority.

The judgment of the five member committee shall be final and no objection or any other claim is acceptable.

If your photo is selected to the top 25, you will be asked for your original file in a good resolution for printing.

By entering the competition you agree to your information by email to the actions of Photometria Festival.


Contact: competition@photometria.gr



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