"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019

CONTESTS/ Photobook Open Call 2019











Title of dummy: Education for all, Guilherme  Bergamini

Title of dummy: STILL LIFE, Akis Detsis

Title of dummy: River Under Earth, Dmitry Ermakov

Title of dummy: British Subject, Attilio Fiumarella

Title of dummy: you.raw, Lia Goudousaki

Title of dummy: Deglet Nour, Tytus Grodzicki

Title of dummy: Death Landscapes, Hubert Humka

Title of dummy: Self-portrait with my Mother, Karolina Jonderko

Title of dummy: Biato-Czerwona (White-Red) Marek Lapis, Marek Lapis

Title of dummy: Golden Peak, Ilias Lois 

Title of dummy: Petrichor (the smell of rain), Julia Mejnertsen

Title of dummy: The Fifth Floor, Margarita Molchanova

Title of dummy: Deceitful Reverence, Igor Pisuk

Title of dummy: RESIDENTS, George Vogiatzakis

Title of dummy: Black Love, Irina Vosgerau

Title of dummy: Chance, Adam Urban



Open Call


 Eva Voutsaki, Foteini Papahatzi


 Duration: 1-31 March 2019

 Cost: Free



All finalists will be exhibited during the 11th edition of Photometria International Photography Festival. The exhibition will travel through Greece and abroad.


Terms of participation

-All proposals will be judged on their aesthetically and conceptually association between the pictures and how they communicate with each other in the printed book.

The selected books from the finalists will be exhibited during Photometria International Photography Festival and then form a mobile library that will travel to the partners of Photometria Festival in Greece and abroad.

The submitted work can be individual or collective.

Only one Photobook per participant can be submitted and after the end of the festival each photobook remains in the festival's library for future purposes.


The process has 2 stages:    A: Emailing the material     Β: Sending the material by post.

In detail:

Stage A: (Until 31 of March 2019)

Send by e-mail to competition@photometria.gr


A.1 The dummy as a PDF file

A.2 The application form Photometria_Dummy-Award_2019_application_EN participation through the following format: adding your surname after EN (eg: Photometria_Dummy Award_2018_application_EN_Voutsaki)

A.3 A few photos of the dummy as an object.


Stage B: Finalists will be notified by e-mail by April 14th and they should post their Photobooks until May 10th. to the following address: 
Agia Sofia 31, post code 45221, Anatoli - Ioannina, Greece.


Participations can be completed photobooks or dummies.

ALL PHOTOS/ Photobook Open Call 2019