What is Photometria Festival? 

Photometria Festival is an International Photography Festival which takes place between May and June at the city of Ioannina (Northwest Greece).


What’s the entrance cost of the festival?

The exhibitions and the activities are FREE except some of the seminars.


What’s the working hours of the exhibitions?

You can see the working hours at the program of the festival.


How can i participate in the exhibition program?

The festival holds several competitions throughout the year in which you can submit your work.

  • Animation/Video Art/Short Films (contest for projects of moving image) – 1/8 έως 30/9
  • Parallel Voice (photography portfolio contest) – 1/11 έως 31/12
  • Photometria Awards: (online single photo contest) – 1/4 έως 30/4


What’s the costs of Photometria Festival’s contests?

Animation/Video Art/ Short Film [Earlybird Deadline: FREE, Regular Deadline: 10 EURO, Late Deadline: 25 EURO]

Parallel Voices [15 EURO]

Photometria Awards [FREE]


How do i know that my work submitted successfully?

The festival doesn’t send auto reply mails for successful submissions. The system of each competition informs the participants of successful registration.


Should i be a professional photographer to take part in the festival?

No. Anyone can take part in the festival.


Is it a theme festival? 

The theme of the festival is only applied to Photometria Awards competition.


How can i be a volunteer at the festival?

You can send your cv at info@photometria.gr with the subject “Volunteering” from March 1 till one week before the opening of the festival.