George Skouloudis

George Skouloudis

George Skouloudis (Athens 1983), grew up in Ancient Olympia where he lives and works as a videographer. He is a graduate of the photography and audiovisual department of the University of Western Attica.

From 2022 he is a student of the postgraduate program “research and methodology” of the University of Western Attica.

Every year, for a few months, he resides in Athens where he carries out his personal photographic project. These mainly focus on the life of the center of Athens (Omonoia, Metaxourgeio, Socratus street) and specifically on the groups of people who live within these areas. His approach maintains Documentary characteristics and at the same time is a subjective version of how the photographer shapes the reality he photographs as a consequence of his personal truth.

His mainĀ  projects are:

Houses (2014-2018)

Alice (2017-2019)

Socratus street (2019-2023)

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