"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019

NEWS/ 3rd Open Call for Projects of Moving Image by Photometria International Photography Festival

Photometria International Photography Festival continues its upward course in the field of photography for the 12th year. Within this year's event, and in order to highlight new ways of using the image, it invites you to submit your works to the following categories: AnimationVideo Art and Short Films.



The submission of the projects will last from 01/09/2019 to 30/09/2019. Participants are asked to make an online submission of their project/s, which will be able to be downloaded, with the maximum duration of 30 minutesand no restrictions in subject, as well as a brief descriptive text of the workIf the original language of the film is not greek, then should also be submitted the necessary material, of greek or english dialogues.

Participation in the contest is 10 euros per project.

The choice will be made by Danai Agnanti, Dimitris Agnantis, Leonidas Gkontanis and Natalia Kokkinou, based on the relevance of the description of the idea to its execution. The selected works will be part of the material of this year's festival screenings in venues and dates to be announced. After the end of the festival the screenings will be presented in multiple cities around Greece.

The results will be announced on the website (www.photometria.gr) and on the social media of the festival.


Terms and conditions: 

1. The projects must be product of the participant. 
2. In case that the works depict persons unknowingly or without their approval, responsibility lies solely with the creator to whom the work belongs and not the Photometria International Photography Festival. 
3. Photometria International Photography Festival has the right to use the selected works in future promotions of the festival. 
4. The selected works will be kept in the archive of the festival, which retains the right to re-exhibiting them, always referring to the creator of each project and not for commercial purposes. 
5. The copyrights of each work belong to their creators. 

The submission at the Open Call of Animation, Video Art and Short Films, which is part of the 12th Photometria International Film Festival, automatically means acceptance of the terms and conditions that have been set forth above.


For submissions follow the link below: