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Noemi Comi

Noemi Comi


Noemi Comi (1996) is an artist of conceptual and documentary photography born in Catanzaro, Italy. She has devoted herself to photography since childhood, but the meeting with the photographer Ferdinando Scianna was revealing.

Noemi studied photography at Laba Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, where she graduated with Mention of Honour. At the same time she followed a mentorship course with Steve Bisson by Urbanautica Institute. In 2019 she received a Special Mention at Premio Pesaresi.

Her photography is constantly evolving and follows a multidisciplinary path. She wants to combine art and science trying to break down any taboo. Her works conform to a well-defined aesthetic, dominated by strong colors and surreal atmospheres.



Website: noemicomi.com

Instagram: noemicomi