Photobook Open Call

The Photometria International Photography Festival returns to the field of photo books after an absence of 5 years!




Duration: from 1.2 till 28.2.2024 (11:59 pm)

To whom it concerns: The open call for entries is addressed to artists and publishers from around the world, focusing on artist books, self-published books, limited edition books, zines and DIY publications related to photography.

Details about submission:

Those interested are invited to send from February 1 to 28, 2024, an envelope with the following via WeTransfer to (for Greek entries, the information, but also where text is required must be in Greek & English):

       – PDF with technical specifications (put a dash in any field that does not exist)
1. Title

                        2. Writer/Artist
                        3. Editor
                        4. Designer
                        5. Publisher
                        6. Year of publication
                        7. Brief summary of the project
                        8. Book dimensions & number of pages
                        9. Method of printing
                      10. Method of bookbinding

      – PDF of the book

      – An image of the book cover (JPG file)

      – Photo book presentation video (less than 3 min.) (mp4)

Those interested can propose more than one title with a different participation file for each proposal.

Entry Fee: 10 euros

Submission: HERE




Achilleas Tziakos, Co-Founder of the Photometria International Photography Festival
Yorgos Yatromanolakis, Zoetrope Athens
Myrto Steirou, Void

Calin Kruse, Director at Leipzig Photobook Festival and Thousandfold Photobook Fair & Founder of Dienacht Publishing




– The results will be announced on the festival’s social networks within two months from the end of the competition, while the winners will be notified by personal email. The selected artists will be invited to send the books at their own expense, by the end of May 2024 to:

Photometria Photography Center
February 21, 184, 

Ioannina, Greece


– The selected books will be presented at the Photometria Photography Center, within the framework of the 16th edition of the Photometria International Photography Festival from 28 September to 01 December 2024 and at ZOETROPE Athens on a date to be announced. In the event that there is interest from other regions of Greece for the presentation of this particular exhibition, there will be further information.

– The set of books that will be selected, upon completion of the exhibitions, will be cataloged and added to the Photometria Photography Center’s public photographic library. The aim of the festival is to spread the selected publications as widely as possible, before they are registered and remain in the library of the P.P.C.


Participation in the competition means the acceptance of the above conditions of the festival by each participant as well as informing him about the future actions of the festival.

© Photometria International Photography Festival