"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019

PHOTOGRAPHERS/ Dimitris Mellos

Roads of New York Exhibition (360)

Technohoros Gallery/May 2010

Dimitris Mellos was born in Athens, Greece. He studied philosophy and psychology. A few years ago he moved to New York City, where he is pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology, while also photographing. His work has appeared in magazines and newspapers in Greece and abroad, and has been included in catalogues and other books. He has taken part in group shows in Greece and New York, and has had solo shows in Athens, Ioannina, Italy and the UK. He has also won several awards. He is currently working on a book on the streets of New York City, and another book on Greek landscapes.

2009: PX3 awards, 1st place (category: photojournalism/political)
2009: International Photography Awards, 1st place (category: editorial/political)
2009: International Photography Awards, 2nd place (category: editorial/other)
2009: WPGA awards, finalist
2010: PDN's photobookNYC

Its strangest patterns - Artist's Statement

"[I'd] walk and walk until I reached a state of fancifulness, of indeterminately hopeful receptiveness?there was a definite element of flight, and an element of capitulation, too? and in this I was abetted by the streets of New York City, which abet desire even in its strangest patterns".
Joseph O' Neill, Netherland

My aim is to create visually complicated images that are not just formally interesting, but, more
importantly, manage to capture something of the poetry of 'found moments' of everyday life. The
conjunction of my photographic gaze with chance and happenstance is essential to this approach, as is
an emphasis on the evanescence of these encountered poetic moments. I am interested in fleeting
gestures and glances, the momentary field of interaction between passing strangers, the ephemeral
dance of light and shadow and street life. I try to visually organize the chaos of the streets just enough
to contain it in the photograph, but hopefully not much more than that. More than anything, what
moves me is capturing the infinitesimal outward signs of an inner emotional life, the interiority of
people even in the midst of the most public spaces.