"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019

PHOTOGRAPHERS/ Jonnek Jonneksson

Jonnek Jonneksson is a freelance photographer based in Berlin, Germany.
His work has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and special editions across Europe, and he has launched a book titled "Varanasi". He has prticipated in varius group sxhibitions in Germany and Greece and part of his work is repsresented bt You-and-Art gallery in Zurich.
In 2008 his work about AIDS/HIV in South Africa was nominated for the "UNICEF Photo of the Year Award"
In 2009 the National Opera of Greece published an educational book illustrated with photos from his series "About the Stage"
In 2010 he selected as one of the eight finalists for the Cedefop Photomuseum Award with his work about the dry dockyard of the Cape harbor.
Also in 2010 he selected as one of the e finalists for the Photophilanthropy Activist Award with the "Sparrow Village" Essay, about an AIDS/HIV hospice model in the area of Soweto, South Africa.
In 2011 he participated among 2 other photographers for the creation of the pioneering book of Google Corporation, "Think Quartely"
Today he lives in Berlin with his family and works as a documentary and photojournalsm professor at the f/16 Photography School.

Selected Exhibitions:
2007 - Solo exhibition in the Central Theater of National Opera of Greece, with his backstage work over several ballet, opera and experimental stages in Athens.
2010 - Group exhibition "Who We Are" for Lightroom Gallery at Taf Gallery, Athens Greece.
2010 - Solo exhibition "Canteens in Greece" for Athens Photo Festival, Athens Greece (+ catalogue).
2010 - Solo exhibition "www.berlin.com" at Kulturkueche, Berlin, Germany.
2010 - Group exhibition "Contemporary Myths" for Phodar Biennial, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2012 - Solo Exhibition "En Route: Found Objects", a retrospective echibition at Friedrichshein Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2012 - Participated at the 5th European Month of Photography in Berlin presenting his project about the social and financail crisis in Greece.