"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019


Maro Kouri
I make photographs for peace, justice, humanity. I exhibit in the townships of the world and in fashionable galleries of big cities.

I attended Kostantinos Manos workshop ?The magic moment? and Ed Kashi?s workshop.
I have finished my studies in photography, visual perception, history of art and history of photography in Focus school of Athens. For the last 19 years and still I am studying photojournalism in the streets. I have finished my degree in Agriculture University of Barcelona by practicing in winemaking.
I live and work as a freelancer photojournalist all around the world, mostly in Asia and Africa.
I collaborate with the US Polaris Images agency. I publish pictures and texts in the Greek and International press.

I received honorable awards, by UNESCO in 2003 at the 2nd Art Mediterranean Forum in Beirut, in 1999, at Primavera Fotografica of Barcelona and in 1998 at the 1st Greek-South African Art festival of Johannesburg.
In 2009, I won the 1st Prize at the International Competition of Photojournalism SCOOP, in France with the feature ?Talisman? (Albinos in Tanzania).
In 2010, I received an honorable mention from the Greek Federation of Photojournalists. I teach photography as a volunteer to the imprisoned women of Eleona Prison, Greece, in the margin of a Therapeutic Program for drug detoxication through Art (collaborated with KETHEA organization).
One of my shots from the demonstrations against the austerity measures in Athens, was selected by LIFE Magazine as one of the "Best Photographs of 2011".
I believe that happiness nourishes the body and sorrow the spirit.