"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019

PHOTOGRAPHERS/ Michalis Kyrzidis

Michalis Kirdizis, known as ?Barabas?

He was born in 1977 in Athens, his origin is from Mastorochoria of Konitsa in Ioannina. Experiencing the feeling of migration, he tries to ?live?, as much as possible, in his homeland and understand in how many generations it is transferred.

The design was his passion ever since he was a child and photography his hobby.

After Senior High School, he attended design classes, History of Art, and made his first attempt, successfully ?fortunately?, to join the School of Fine Arts.

After his military service he began his parallel studies in graphic design and photography in a private school (IEK). He chose as profession that of the graphic designer, keeping photography as his favourite activity and expression.

In 2001 he works in an advertising company and in 2002 in the publications of the magazine ?PHOTOGRAPHOS? in which he became Art Director and remains until today.

Meanwhile, apart from publications, he has also dealt with the charge of exhibitions (artistic and commercial) within PHOTOVISION and has become member of jury in photography contests.

At the same time, on his own, he has undertaken a lot of (small and big) publication projects as a free lance.

He was one of the founder members and had an active involvement, for years, in the Youth Association from Mastorochoria (an altruistic company with common feature the love for the place of their origin). He designed 3 calendars with pictures of his for the Association and 6 issues for the magazine ?Agida? (a young existence, in the dialect of craftsmen).

His first participation in a photography exhibition was in the end of 2011 in the team exhibition ?Out of the plan? in Long Room with the team fotograficus.


The ?Between? is a photographic journey that began in 2004 and goes on until today. It has to do with experiments mostly with urban reflections and the effort to seek balance between two totally different and converse worlds.

Giving photographic codifications on the glass and using it as a sensitive thin line, like the one of balance, reflecting two totally different worlds in a strange harmony. Simulating somehow the nature where even the most contrasting powers ?eventually come to a balance.


Somewhere between two worlds, usually different

Somewhere between the modern capital cities and the ancient nature

Somewhere between the forces that define us.

Somewhere between the place and the non-place

Somewhere between the time and the ?money?

Somewhere between, the limits of the states?

Somewhere between, the ends ?

Somewhere between the love of the power and the power of love?

Somewhere between the lives of people?

Looking ?between? , you might even see balance!


Old slaughter houses, Ioannina/ May 2012