"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019

PHOTOGRAPHERS/ Parallel Voices

Domniki Mitropoulou

Domniki Mitropoulou was born in 1986, in Athens.
She studied Chemistry at the Νational Κapodistrian University in Athens and in 2006 started studying Theatre. She graduated from ?Theatre of Art, Karolos Koun in 2009. She collaborated, as an actress, with the National Theatre of Greece and other independent theatres.
After 2014 , she has attended a series of photographic seminars and workshops. She lives and works in Athens as an actor and as a photographer. As a photographer, she collaborates with Smart Magna Agency, Homme Magazine and Neos Kosmos Theatre. In December 2017, she organized her first solo exhibition entitled GREEN at the FOYER Gallery.


Elizabeth Rovit

Elizabeth Rovit was born (1989) and raised in Crete. She graduated from the Photography department of the private university IEK AKMI in 2012. In 2010 she graduated from the same university with a bachelor's degree in Sound Engineering & Sound Design. She has participated in the exhibition 70 Years Greek Radio by The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation at Zappeion in 2009 and in Drama Film Festival as a sound engineer. As a photographer she has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and her work has been presented in various international magazines. In 2016 she started working on her project Multiverse, a project which explores the diferent versions of reality and our existence. In 2017 her series Multiverse was selected to be presented at the Athens Photo Festival in the Young Greek Photographers section at the Benaki Museum.
Currently she lives and works in Athens as a freelance photographer.


George Marazakis

George Marazakis born in 1976 in Creta Island Greece where he  lives with his wife and their son. He studied Mechanical Engineering  and  works at the Greek Ministry of Justice.






Christos Dimitriou

I work as a professional photographer in Thessaloniki

I taught photography next to Dimitris Athyridis

I own STUDIOVD.GR with Nikos Vavinoudis


1st jury prize at the Ioannina International Photographic Festival Photometria 2012 (borders)

1st prize at the International Hellenic University 2012 (Thessaloniki, Views and Perspectives of a City)

"The City in Black and White", Hionidis mankind, December 2010, Thessaloniki

'' Street life '', Photometria Photo Festival, May 2011, Ioannina

'' Steet life '', The Art Foundation taf, Monastiraki, June 2011, Athens

"Off plan", Long room gallery, October 2011, Athens

"Thessaloniki as it is", TOSS Gallery, September 2011, Thessaloniki

"Vogue's fashion night out", Punto Es, October 2011, Thessaloniki

"Photo Parallels", On the roof gallery, October 2011, Athens

"Land.escapes", Punto Es, December 2011, Thessaloniki

"Land.escapes", ZEIDOROS Gallery, August 2012, Kythira


Evangelos Stamoulakis

I was born in Preveza, where I put down roots, starting my family and
exercising my profession independently, up to this day.
Photography entered my life from the beginning of my teenage years, though
it never became a means of income, and, thus, I remained an amateur, taking
photography on a personal and, sometimes, lonely journey.
Primarily self taught, I have participated in national and international
workshops with fellow photographers whose work have at times been
particularly influential in the course my photography took.
Though I have never before presented my work in a personal exhibition, I
participated in group exhibitions and was one of the finalists of the
Photobook Dummy Awards at Photometria Festival 2017.

Joseph Galanakis

Joseph Galanakis was born and raised in Athens.  His studies were on computers and photography.  He began photographing at a young age borrowing his mother?s small amateur camera with a 110 cassette, which he still has to this day. He had been amateurly involved in photography and video travelling until 2008 when he started freelancing for various agencies abroad, photographing the riots in Athens of financial crisis. These last 5 years he is into war photography covering Iraq and Ukraine. He is passionate with people and the aim of his photography is to bring out their truths, their lives and their concerns.  He is not good in words and that is probably the reason why he prefers to ?speaks? through his photos.


Giannis Dimitras


Giannis Dimitras was born in Athens in 1970.

From 1989 to 1992, he studied at the "Eugenia Chatzikou" Cinematography School, cameraman department.

In 2000, he returned permanently to his hometown, Corfu, and started working as a professional photographer.

His works have been published in various magazines, museum catalogues, albums, books and further printed publications.

He has worked as a correspondent of the Athens News Agency from 2002 to 2010 and is a member of the Hellenic Photojournalists Union (EFE) since 2005.

From 2001 to the present, he has participated in several group exhibitions of different artists, and has also presented his work in 5 individual exhibitions, in Corfu (2005-2011-2013), in Thessalonici (2006) and in Athens (2010).

Mob. 00306974741551 website: www.gdimitras.com

Facebook: Giannis Dimitras Street Photography


Stefane Charpentier

Stephane Charpentier is a French photographer living in Athens.

Stephane builds long-term analog photographic series. He creates a black-and-white photo-essay with fragments of reality and out of time images. His work has been presented internationally with exhibitions and screenings all over Europe, as well as in China, Usa, Russia. Stephane is part of the group exhibition « Eyes Wild Open » recently presented at the Botanique Museum in Brussels, presenting new talents and masters of photography (such as Robert Frank, William Klein, Daido Moriyama, Anders Petersen, Antoine d?Agata, Michael Ackerman?) dedicated to a very personal way to document the world.

Since 2012, Stephane is working in Greece where he also creates experimental videos, and took part to the creation of the rock band Oiseaux-Tempete.

He curates and promotes the Temps Zero projects since 2013 (collective performances and workshops gathering visual and sound artists).


David Denil

DAVID DENIL Leuven, Belgium contact@daviddenil.com


2017 - 2019 School of Arts (KASK), MA in Photography, Ghent, Belgium 2014 - 2017 School of Arts (KASK), BA in Photography - Cum Laude, Ghent, Belgium 2018 Nominated, Momenta-Leica Masterclass, April, New Orleans, Louisiana, US 2015 Nominated, NOOR-Nikon Masterclass, November, Amsterdam, NL


2018  Winner, Int. Documentary Photographer of the Year, IPOTY, NY, US 2018  Finalist, Gomma Grant, London, UK 2018  Honourable Mention, Student Award, PDNedu, NYC, US 2018  Winner, International Photo Award, Lucie Foundation, LA, US 2017  Winner, Emerging Talent Award, LensCulture, NYC, US 2017  Finalist, New and Emerging Photographers to Watch, PDN?s 30, NYC, US 2017  Finalist, Muse Albert-Kahn Grant, Paris, FR 2017  Finalist, Photogrvphy Grant Prize, London, UK 2017  Finalist, Documentary Award | The Independent Photographer, NYC, US 2017  Winner, Life Framer Award, NYC, US 2017 ? Finalist, Voies Off Award, Arles, FR 2017  Winner, Center Awards, Project Development Grant, Santa Fe, US 2017  Honorable Mention, PHM Grant, London, UK 2017  Winner, Alexia Foundation, Award of Excellence, NYC, US 2017  Shorlisted, Braakland, FOMU, Antwerp, B 2016  Finalist, DDK, C-Mine, Genk, B 2016  Winner, DDK, Museum of Photography, Rotterdam, NL


2018  Tumult, Ghent, B 2018  Month of Photography, Los Angeles, US 2018  Photometria International Photography Festival, Ioannina, EL 2018  Les Boutographies, Montpellier, FR 2018  Klompching Gallery, NYC, US 2018  Bieler Photo Festival, Biel, CH 2018  44 Gallery, Brugge, B 2018  Gallery On The Go, America House, UA 2018  Voloshyn Art Gallery, Kiev, UA 2017  Art Festival Konkreet, Ghent, B 2017  Land Van Fotografie, Ghent, B 2017  Center Photo Festival, Santa Fe, US 2017  MAP #67, Ghent, B 2017  VOIES-OFF, Arles, FR 2017  One To Many  ConventArtSpace, Ghent, B 2016  Sleights  Tinnepot, Ghent, B 2016  Head-On International Photo Festival, Sydney, AUS 2015  Tumult, Ghent, B


2018  Concept into Practice, Universitt der Knste Berlin, Ghent, B 2018  Triangle of Concept, Apollo House, Kiev, UA 2017  Panel Discussion, The Foreign Spectator, ART Ukraine Gallery, Kiev, UA 2017  Artist Talk, The Donbass Study, Izolyatsia, Kiev, UA 2017  Shadow as Narrative, School of Arts  KASK, Ghent, B 2016  Conceptual Strategies, 5.6 / Victor Marushchenko School, Kiev, UA 2016  Approaches to Documentary, 5.6 / Victor Marushchenko School, Kiev, UA 2016  Surrounding as Stage, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kiev, UA


2018  Winner IPOTY Photographer of the Year, 9 April 2018, Deposit Photos, NY, US 2018  New Name, Buro 247, 1 March 2018, Kiev, UA 2018  La Couleur des Jours, CH 2018  Let Us Not Fall Asleep While Walking, 12 January 2018, Photography, London, UK 2018  David Denil at Voloshyn Gallery, 26 January 2018, Wall Street Int, NYC 2018  Photography as a Message to the Future, 25 January 2018, ART Ukraine, Kiev, UA 2018  International Photo Awards 2017, 5 January 2018, IPA, LA, US 2018  British Journal of Photography, London, UK 2017  Jubilee Issue Home Sweet Home, 17 November 2017, HANT Magazine, Germany 2017  Culture Nominee, 22 October 2017, Photogrvphy Grant, US 2017  On the Psychological State of Ukraine, 10 October 2017, Alexia Foundation, NYC 2017 ? Ukraines conflicts and identity post revolution, 5 July 2017, PHMuseum, UK 2017  CENTER?s Development Award Winner, 29 June 2017, Lenscratch, US 2017  PHM Award Winners 2017, 27 April 2017, British Journal of Photography, UK 2015  Op zoek naar Maria in het Belgische Banneux, 11 June 2015, VICE, NL 2015  Odiseja  The ones that fell from the sky, 22 September 2015, VICE, NL 2015  Odiseja  The ones that fell from the sky, 10 September 2015, Oitzarisme, RO 2015  Odiseja  The ones that fell from the sky, 13 October 2015, New Dawn, NL