"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019


Pavlos Fysakis was Born in Athens in 1969. Works and lives in Athens, Greece.
Co-founder of the photographic collective "KOLEKTIV8".
Since 1995: working as freelance photographer
Since 2010: teaching at Focus Athens School of Art & Photography
Since 2002: teaching photography at "18 ANO" Rehabilitation Center
2003 - 2011: worked for Kathimerini newspaper
2010 - 2013: worked for Epsilon Magazine
2013: "Greek Seas: A Photographic Journey in Time" - Benaki Museum, Athens (group exhibition)
2012: "Kosmographies" - Apollonia Art Exchanges, Strasbourg (group exhibition)
2011: "Land Ends" - Benaki Museum, Athens (solo exhibition)
2010: "Land Ends" - Museum of Contemporary Art, Crete (solo exhibition)
2010: "Land Ends" - Photobiennale in Thessaloniki at Gallery B Mylos (solo exhibition)
2010: "Third Nature" - a.antonopoulou.art Gallery, Athens (group exhibition)
2009: "Where we Live" - Lightroom Gallery, Athens ( group exhibition)
2009: "Face to Faces" - Biennale of Contemporary Art at Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (group exhibition)
2008: "Nuit de l' Europe" - Nuit Blanche, Paris, France (photo projection, group exhibition)
2008: "A Dialogue between Ten Artists" - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (group exhibition)
2008: "Nuit de l' Europe" - ¬Rencontres d' Arles, France (photo projection, group exhibition)
2006: "Self-Portraits" - Diana Gallery, 13th National Month of Photography in Athens (group exhibition)
2004: "Seize the Light" - Cultural Olympiad, Athens
2002: "The Spirit of the Family" - Photographic Center of Skopelos (solo exhibition)
2000: "Watch Me, Watch You" - Photographic Synkyria'00, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (group exhibition)
2000: "Identities" - Epsilon Gallery, Thessaloniki (solo exhibition)
1999: "Images of Town" - Ios Gallery, Athens (group exhibition)
1998: "Biennale" Nice, France (solo exhibition)
1997: Exhibition at the National Book Center, Athens (group exhibition)
1997: "Dolls" - Photographic Center of Athens (solo exhibition)
2013: "Greek Seas" - Benaki Publications, exhibition catalogue
2009: "Land Ends" - Babel Photos Publications, Athens, monograph
2007: "Greece Through Photographs" Melissa publications, Athens
2002: "The Spirit of the Family" - Photographic center of Skopelos, exhibition catalogue
2000: "Watch Me, Watch You" - Photographic Synkyria'00 - Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, exhibition catalogue
1998: "Aspects of the Greek Photograph" - Septembre de la Photo. Exhibition catalogue produced with the cooperation of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Nice, France