"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019


Dora Lutz


Dora was born in 1981 in Pecs, South of Hungary and even though her family father's side still resides there, she never lived in that city. But in many others.  Grew up on the country side in a small village, studied Foreign Trade in Budapest and worked as a croupier for many years on cruisers. That was the time she picked up the camera and decided to dive into photography after returning to land life.

Following the two years at Szellemkep Photo School in Budapest she is working on her own projects ever since. The main subject of her focus is everyday life with a strong geometrical structure regarding composition and human portrayal with the absence of humans themselves. Her series have been exhibited in Budapest, Spain and Beijing, and she participated in art residencies in Iceland, Spain and recently Beijing.






rea.papadopoulou@gmail.com www.reapapadopoulou.com

M. Arch/School of Architecture/Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greek freelance photographer and architect working on a long term projects, covering environmental, social and urban issues. Born in Istanbul Turkey, lives and works in Athens


2017 Dark Tree is selected for the Discovery Awards 2017 and exhibited at the Encontros da Imagem Festival Braga Portugal. What I wish to share is that there is not one story or one way for the story to unfold. 2017 Dark Tree at DL Gallery, Pireaus, group show Local Stories 2015 The Girls Are Sleeping Upstairs at Athens House of Photography - solo show 2015 Halki, Athinais Athens, 6 photographers ? 6 countries 2015 The Girls Are Sleeping Upstairs & Halki, Photometria Festival Greece - solo show 2014 The Girls Are Sleeping Upstairs, Tinos - solo show


2017 Dark Tree in Encontros Da Imagem Festival Catalogue 2016 Halki in the book 'The Theological School of Halki, The Building and its Restoration' 2016 Mesi, The Lake you Don't See at http://www.wip.gr/issues/Wip19.pdf issue : Landscape, Geography - Autobiography / Metaphor 2015 The Girls Are Sleeping Upstairs at the Eye of Photography


Sergi Alcazar Badia

My grandfather was the one who put a camera in my hands for the first time when I was twelve. What started as a curiosity ended up as being my passion. I discovered the outskirts of Barcelona at the age of seventeen. There I found out my interest for those realities that are unknown to me, and I decided to buy my first camera because I feel the need to immortalize my experiences.

 I take my first steps in that area without carrying any camera, but what I see there makes me want to get one in order to capture everything. I enter into worlds that remain in the shadows, worlds which are closed off and clearly hostile. This makes photography the only way for me to maintain alive the memories of what is bound to disappear. At the same time, it allows me to live more intensely the reality I document.

 Feeling always the necessity to do social photography, many of my first portrait works revolve around the person to tell a story. I take a trip to India so I can keep learning and working with the phenomenon of social marginalization, and this marks a turning point in my style. I slowly go from a documentary-like type of photography to a more poetic approach to reality, even though my standards are still the great classic documentary photographers.

 I have had the opportunity to work in both paper and digital press, which has allowed me to learn to work fast and under pressure. However, I have never stopped working on personal projects that have made me travel throughout Europe, Africa and America combining photography with the discovery of new cultures and traditions.




Bachelor's Degree in Photography from 2009 to 2014. Major in Photojournalism, 2015. Major in photo Essay in conflic areas, 2015. Masterclass with Isabel Mu?oz. Photo Assistant of Roberta Vivoli.

Professional Experience:

- Publications: The New York Times, La Vanguardia, El Nacional.cat, Agencia catalana de Prensa Gratuita (ACPG),  Piel de Foto, El Temps, El Magazine de La Vanguardia, Codigo Unico, YAH! Magazine, Reset, Nacio Digital, Gtres, Lecturas, Diez Minutos, and more. 

- Freelance photographer for La Vanguardia between 2012 and 2015

- Head of Photography Department at El Nacional.cat from 2015 to present day.

Grants and Awards:

- Nominated at the World Press Photo's Joop Swart Masteclass

- XVII Seminario de Fotografia y Periodismo de Albarracin 2017 runner-up

- LuganoPhotoDays 2017 emerging photographers runner-up

- Awarded with the PhotOn 2017 Grant

- Runner-upof the Photometria Festival 2017

- Awarded with a Grant from the 13th F?rum fotografic Can Baste

- Awarded with the 4th Connecta't al Fotoreportatge Grant by Carnet Jove


- Personal exhibition at the Festival Photometria Festival 2018

- Personal exhibition at the Docfield Festival. 2016

- Exhibition at La Mostra d art jove held by Centro Civico de Guinardo. Mention as the best documentary report. (2011)

- Exhibition at Month of Photography de Bratislava 2013