"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019

PHOTOGRAPHERS/ Stefanos Paschos

Municipal Gallery of Ioannina (Korai 1)

Duration: 1-30.6.2017, Opening: 1.6.2017, 20:00

Corpo Umano

Photos of Stephanos Paschos, coupled with the poems of John Paschos

(Great Canals, publications, Melani, 2015)


Stefanos Paschos (1948-2017)

Stefanos Paschos was born in Ioannina in 1948. He was Professor of Photography. According to references of international magazines and photography specialists he was considered "A Greek Master". He graduated from Zosimaia School of Ioannina and then he studied photography in Paris. He was Founder and Headmaster of studies in the Department of Photography in Stavrakos School of Cinema and TV.
He co-founded Centre of Photography of Athens, Studio Diadromi and Image Studio. He collaborated with Ziridis Schools, Leica - Academy and European School of Photography. He participated as a guest speaker in seminars and workshops in Greece and abroad.
He takes credit for ten personal exhibitions in Greece and abroad, ten national participations in festivals and twenty group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He participated in twelve books publications, e.g: Mpenaki Museum - Coulentianos-Filolaos, Museum of Contemporary Art - Theodore Papagiannis, Tour in occupied, Chambesy Geneve - Switzerland, Holy Mountain-Photo album, FUJI FILM and CALIBRA diaries. He had received special praise for publication of collective work Portfolios of Jewish Museum of Athens.
He worked as headmaster of photography in four movies (two of which, The mosquito by T. Lykouresi and Partitoura by G.Mari, received the prize of Thessaloniki festival).

For his work there are many references and tributes n greek and national press (e.g., Avant-Garde, Liberation, Le Contact, Le Dictionnaire des photographes aux editions Seuil, Encyclopedie Internationale des Photographes, Revue Camera Obscura) and in media of Greece and abroad.
His work is hosted in BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONAL DE PARIS, CENTRE CULTURELLE DE «BEAUBOURG», the photographic collection of the Ministry of Culture, the Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, the Photography Center of Athens and Skopelos and in private collections in Greece and abroad. His recent death leaves a irreplaceable vacancy in artistic and creative scene of Greece.


John Paschos

John Paschos was born in Ioannina in 1954. He is Professor Emeritus of Ichthyology. After he graduated from Zosimaia School of Ioannina, he studied Biology at University of Thessaloniki and then he was trained in Hungary and in Norway. His scientific work has received international recognition and it includes books, scientific literature and articles. In 2016 he was officially rewarded for his total contribution in the field of Ichthyology.
His literature work includes poems, collections of short stories, novels and essays which had remained unpublished for years until 2005 when his first poetic work was published entitled "Lila Teman" from Odos Panos editions.

- The poetic collection entitled «Life out of hours», Melani editions (2007)
- His short story entitled «Lord have mercy», Ipeirotikos Agon editions (2008)
- The collection of short stories entitled «One night by one year», Melani editions (2009) (Candidate for short story prize for 2010 of the Read magazine)
- The essay entitled «Fish as symbol and work of art: attempts of interpretation» (collective work), Indiktos editions (2010)
- The collection of short stories entitled «Don't leave», Indiktos editions (2013)
- Poems collection entitled «Great canals», Melani editions (2015).

His poems, short stories and literary texts have also been published in different magazines (e.g, Odos Panos, Farfoulas, Soul, Dromologio, Delear, Iamvos), in newspapers (e.g., Kathimerini, Eleftherotypia, Prin, Paron, Ipeirotikos Agon) and in websites (e.g., poeticanet, protagon.gr, human traffic, toportal, Psychografimata, Frear, Poiein).