Photometria Student Awards

3rd Photometria Student Awards


Photometria International Photography Festival announces the 2nd student portfolio photography competition, entitled “Student Awards” and dates from 5 June to 30 June of 2024.


The purpose of this action is to support the educational community and in particular to highlight artistic creations of young photographers. Through the competition and the exhibition we hope to give an extra motivation to new ideas and photographic experimentation.





They can participate those who have completed the 18th year of age.

Participants are invited to fill in the required information, to send a portfolio of five (5) photos of free subject and a short text (form) that will describe the idea of ​​their photo series, through WeTransfer to:


Follow the steps:

1st: Fill in the word file

2nd: Select 5 photos from your photo series

3rd: Send them all, via to:


Participation is free.




The selection of the top four (4) portfolios will be made by the photographer Panagiotis Papoutsis.

These four photo series will be the material of the exhibition “Student Awards” in the 15th Photometria International Photography Festival between September 28 and December, 2024, in a space that will be announced.

The results will be announced in July, 2024 on social media, while the winners will be also informed via e-mail.




The exhibition is curated and organized by Ioulia Ladogianni (Visual Artist – Photographer – Adult Educator) and Tassos Papadopoulos (Visual Artist – Photographer – Adult Educator).

The festival is responsible for the production of the prints of the selected photo series. 




1st Prize: Educational Programme by esp+


Through studying at the section Creative I of the programme e-learning ESP the student is introduced to the basic principles of photo composition, visual perception and semiology of the image. In the Creative II section the student performs two of his own individual works on the landscape and the portrait that constitute his portfolio and are designed so that they can take part in individual or group photography exhibitions. ESP e-learning programs are designed to be remote and personalized, with the student having weekly contact with his teacher through the esp+ educational platform, teleconferencing and email.


You can find more for the sections Creative I & II of the programme e-learning ESP here


Facebook: ESP

Instagram: ESP


A seminar by Bleach Collective with Ioulia Ladogianni (Visual Artist – Photographer – Adult Educator) and Tassos Papadopoulos (Visual Artist – Photographer – Adult Educator).



Participation terms


– Participation is free. The applicants have the right to send only one portfolio of five (5) photos, not bigger than 1mb each (via WeTransfer).

– Photos must be original work of the participants and the organizer bears no responsibility for any copyright theft.

– Participants grant the right to the organizers to publish, display and print the photos, with the only condition that the photographer’s name will be mentioned. However, participants have no right to renumeration.

– The printed portfolios will be reserved at the archive of the festival which holds the right to manage them and re-exhibit them.

– Photometria International Photography Festival reserves the right to use the excelled pictures for the promotion of these exhibitions, as also at future promotional acts of the festival, with reference to the creator of the work.

– The copyrights of the photos belongs to the photographers.

– Participation in the contest implies automatically that the non-exact compliance with the terms of the competition (non-indication, inaccurate data, sending more than one photo, etc) leads to the exclusion from the contest.

– The decision of the Judge shall be final and no objection or any other claim is acceptable.

– If your portfolio is selected to the top 4, you will be asked for your original files in a high resolution for printing.

– By entering the competition, you agree to your information by email to the actions of Photometria Festival.


Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of the above terms and no claims can be made against the organizing authority.



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