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Program 2022

With the financial support and the auspices of Ministry of Culture and Sports, Municipality of Ioannina and the Cultural Center of Ioannina



14th edition of Photometria International Photography Festival

Duration: 24.9 – 2.10.2022


Photometria International Photography Festival 2022, hosts mοre than 50 artists in 13 exhibition venues in Ioannina, including the new space: Photometria Photography Center (PPC)! The program, as every year, is full of activities for children, photographers and high level lectures. After the end of the festival, selected exhibitions travel to a lot of cities around Greece and abroad.



The Entrance is free for all the exhibitions at Photometria Festival

“Looking for the Light”, Photometria Awards 2022


Group exhibition of the 25 selected photographs of the competition Photometria Awards 2022 “Looking for the Light”, judged by Martin Parr!


Daria Tsygankova – “The dark knight”, Akis Pasalidis – “Untitled”, Noemi Comi – “Deathfest”, Vasilis D. Gonis – “Don’t look at the sun”, Vladimiros Tachmatzidis – “Trip to knowhere”, Aggelos Barai – “Untitled”, Mohammad Reza Masoumi – “Ahoora”, Andi Abdul Halil – “The Best Friend”, Nikos Konidaris – “Angeliki”, Arezoo Babagoli – “In the heart of the earth”, Tatiana Mishchenko – “Ephemeral Motels”, Sophia Tolika – “The escape of Philoctetes”, Olga Tkachenko – “Spring morning”, Gali Tibbon – “Cross of Light”, Elina Kichheva – “Shaman”, Elena Kozlova – “Natalie”, Antonis Papakonstantinou – “Light composition”, Natalia Gorshkova – “Jugglers”, Maria Karofillidou – “On the beach”, Matteo Capone – “Solo”, Azamat Matkarimov – “Mysterious shepherd”, Ali Moarref – “Pray for forgiveness”, Sasan Moayyedi – “Love Story”, Sibusiso Bheka – “Iparty”, Isidoros Blougkaris – “Breathe”


Ioannina City Hall (outdoor area)

Duration: 24.9 – 28.10.2022

“Meditations”, Alice Zilberberg


Outdoor area of Its Kale (opposite Byzantine Museum)

Duration: 24.9 – 9.10.2022

Mon. – Sun.: 08:00 – 22:00

“Diava, nomadic pastoralism in mountainous Northern Greece”, Dimitris Tosidis


The Silversmithing Museum (Castle)

Duration: 21.9 – 2.10.2022

Wed. – Mon.: 10:00 – 18:00


In collaboration with Athens Photo World

07:00 am to 15:00 pm”, Michalis Patsouras


Municipal Cultural Multiplex “D. Chatzis” (Old Slaughterhouses)

Duration: 24.9 – 2.10.2022

Mon. – Sun.: 17:00 – 22:00

“The Landscapes Behind”, Angela Svoronou


St George’s Gate (Tunels of Castle)

Duration: 24.9 – 2.10.2022

Mon. – Sun.: 17:00 – 22:00

Sat. – Sun.: 10:00 – 14:00

© National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Photographic Archive –

Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports/ Hellenic Organization of Cultural Resources Development (H.O.C.RE.D.)

“The burial and protection of the antiquities

of the National Archaeological Museum during World War II”


Multipurpose hall of Its Kale

Duration: 24.9 – 2.10.2022

Mon. – Sun.: 17:00 – 22:00

Sat. – Sun.: 10:00 – 14:00


In collaboration with Momus – Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, National Archaeological Museum and Archaeological Museum of Ioannina

© Maria Kadiani Anagnostou


Group exhibition as part of Photocitizens


Mandrassa, Veli Mosque

Duration: 24.9 – 2.10.2022

Mon. – Sun.: 17:00 – 22:00


In collaboration with Photocitizens International Photography Festival

© Newsha Tavakolian – Magnum Photos

“Testimonies – Glances”

Médecins Sans Frontières and Magnum 50 years in the field


Photometria Photography Center (PPC) (184, 21st of Fevrouariou str.)

Duration: 24.9 – 2.10.2022

Mon. – Sun.: 17:00 – 22:00

Parallel Voices


Group exhibition of the 9 selected portfolios of the Parallel Voices competition


“Desired constellations” – Giacomo Infantino (IT),  “Where the river runs mute” – Sakis Dazanis (GR), “Inarticulate Silences” – Antonis Panagopoulos (GR), “ID” – Stephie Grape (GR), “Volver” – Mauro Curti (IT), “The white line” – Rosa Rodriguez (ES), “The journey of the monk” – Lefteris Paraskevaidis (GR), “Outlook (Views from the North East)” – Mark Adams (GB), “Niewybuch” – Natalia Kepesz (PL) 


Outdoor area of the house of Pyrsinellas – Municipal Regional Theater

Duration: 24.9 – 28.10.2022



Group exhibition of 23 photographic clubs of “ENTEFXIS”


Art8 – Agrinio

Bleach kollektiv for visual arts – Athens

METApolis – Athens

Photoerevnites – Athens

Photography Lab PhotoProletarii – Athens

Shashin Lovers – Athens

art.A’s PhotoGroup FOA

Fwtoart –  Photography group of Arta

Veria photographic team “Antithesis”

”Efodos” Drama

The egg 5+1 clicks together – Igoumenitsa

”F” Thessaloniki

”Fotoporoi” Thessaloniki

Center for Creative Photography of Thrace

FOSPI – Photoclub Ioannina

Kavala Photo Club

Corinthian Photography Club

Larissa Photography Club – ”FLL”

A.S.T.O. – we communicate

Photography club of Patras ”IDIFOS”

Photography Club of Filippiada Kadrw

The voice in the Picture – Halandri

Lefki The Photography and Film Club of Chania


Cultural Center of Ioannina (Agias Marinas 55)
Duration: 24.9 – 2.10.2022

Mon. – Sun.: 17:00 – 22:00

2nd Student Awards 2022


Exhibition of the 4 best portfolios of the competition Photometria Student Awards 2022,

judged by Lila Zotou!


Curation by Ioulia Ladogianni and Tasos Papadopoulos!


-1 Gallery, The Lounge Bar (Pargis Square)

Duration: 24.9 – 2.10.2022

Mon. – Sun.: 10:00 – 22:00


Φolk (Zappa 3)

Tues. – Sun.: 19:00 – 00:30

Will be announced soon!

Will be announced soon!

Will be announced soon!