"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019


The darkroom of Photometria will be in the Theater of the Municipal Cultural multiplex (Palea Sfagia of Ioannina) and the participants of the seminars will be able to use it for free. Chemicals and papers are covered by each participant.


Seminar of Calotype / Eleni Tragea

Sunday, 2.6.2019, 12:00

Cost: 15 euros

Theater of the Municipal Cultural multiplex (Palea Sfagia of Ioannina)

  A better understanding of photographic art, inspiration and new experiments often stem from the past. More specifically, the workshop this year will resume at the beginning of photography, in 1839, when the Englishman Talbot first announced the technique of photography. Today his method, calotype, belongs to the alternative printing techniques as it can be done without a dark chamber, out in the sun. Photographers use this technique and others to create a more "painting" and unique effect. The search for such techniques brings back the sense of uniqueness, the handmade and, to some extent, the "mystery" that photography at the time of digital technology has, to some extent, lost. At the workshop will briefly present the history of the technique, instructions for the calotype and then the participants will have the opportunity to create their own photographic papers and to print their own photos by the method of the Workshop Manager: Eleni Tragea, Art Historian and Photography Theorist and the Cinema.


Portfolio reviews

Sunday, 2.6.2019, 18:00

Cost: Free

Theater of the Municipal Cultural multiplex (Palea Sfagia of Ioannina)


Ioulia Ladogianni (Photographer)

Tasos Papadopoulos (Photographer)

Constantin Pittas (Photographer)

Panagiotis Papoutsis (Photographer)


"Traveling with a child's dream" A theatrical game for children from 6-10 years old. 

8.6.2019, Municipal Cultural multiplex (Palea Sfagia of Ioannina), 18:00

Cost: Free

Duration: 75min.

Coordinators: Konstantina Konstantopoulou, Christina Dalla, Katerina Valai


"Traveling with a child's dream" A theatrical game for children. What does the world of dreams look like and what creatures are there? Having our own favorite childhood dream as a ticket, we will travel and visit the world of dreams even awake. Why do you know what's going on? Dreams give promises that they will come to our own world. And if we believe them, they really come! 


Experimental Dramatherapy Workshop

Sunday, 9.6.2019, 11:00

Cost: Free

Duration: 3 hours / Persons: 25

Theater of the Municipal Cultural multiplex (Palea Sfagia of Ioannina)


"Dream Street"


"Oh unfulfilled, even when everything leaves you leave us outside our door a little jasmine. "

T. Livaditis


 For another year, the themes and photos of the International Festival inspire personal reductions and routes. This year, the path will take us to Dream Street, where the dream is just a moment, where personal dreams come to social dreams, where despair is transformed into hope. Through the 25 best photos of the contest, poetry and personal narratives, we will walk for a while on this street, on the road we inhabit and connect with our dreams, our children dreams, our adult dreams, our lost dreams, our essentials dreams. Because, without the dream, even the unfulfilled, what was the meaning of life?


Coordinator: Vicky Vavva, MSc of Mental Health, Dramatherapist, Parent Counselor, Play Therapist, Theater Therapist