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Portfolio Design, Presentation, and Promotion

Lambros Papanikolatos


1. Introduction to key institutions: Portfolio reviews, Photo Contests, Open Calls, Artist in Residence Programs, Scholarships / Grants, Social Media.

• Portfolio presentation techniques and methodologies.

• Planning a Communication Strategy

• Examples and presentation of audio-visual material.


2. Self-publishing and the new era in artists’ books

•Planning, organization, and coordination of production and promotion.

• Examples and presentation of audio-visual material.

“One could describe this Masterclass as a concise exploration of the areas that designers, photographers, and visual artists need to know to promote their personal work to a targeted audience. We will refer to general principles, practices, and techniques of promoting the work in the market and contemporary art institutions; we will also refer to the updates in self-publications focused on the design and production of printed art books.”

Municipal Cultural Multiplex “D. Chatzis” (Old Slaughterhouses)

 Saturday 24.9, 18:00 – 20:00 

Cost:  Free

Artist Talks

Hercules Papaioannou, Alice Zilberberg, Dimitris Tosidis, Michalis Patsouras, Angela Svoronou

Municipal Cultural Multiplex “D. Chatzis” (Old Slaughterhouses)

 Sunday 25.9, 11:00 – 13:00 

Cost: Free

Open Discussion: 50 Years Médecins Sans Frontières

George Mavrogonatos, Thanasis Stavrakis, Dimitris Tosidis

An open discussion with topics such as photojournalism and humanitarian photography, the role of photography in documenting and highlighting the work of Médecins sans frontières.

The event is being held on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Médecins sans frontières and in collaboration with the Photometria International Photography Festival.

APW photographer & artistic director Thanasis Stavrakis and photographer Marilena Stafylidou will participate in the discussion, who will convey both their personal positions and their experience from MSF missions. The discussion will be moderated by the artistic director of Photometria Festival, Panagiotis Pappas.

Municipal Cultural Multiplex “D. Chatzis” (Old Slaughterhouses)

 Sunday 25.9, 13:30 – 14:30 

Cost:  Free

Art Photography Today

[an uncharted territory]

Angela Svoronou


Lecture lasting approximately 1 hour, with parallel projection of images. There will be a short break and then there will be a workshop for a limited number of participants (up to 10 people) where the photographic projects of the participants will be presented and discussed. The duration of the workshop will be approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours.



Photography today is everywhere; produced in various modes that may or may not include the use of a photographic camera, circulated via networks that would challenge Daedalus himself, it changes forms as swiftly as a chameleon. To wander into the uncharted territory of what art photography is today can be a challenge, both tough and exciting. This talk will most likely provide answers to some of your questions, at the risk of creating a lot more of them.


Short Bio

Angela Svoronou is a painter and photographer. In parallel to developing her personal projects she has taught in primary and secondary education, conducted seminars and photographic workshops, spoken in conferences and currently teaches at the Athens School of Fine Art.


For more information please visit svoronou.com

Municipal Cultural Multiplex “D. Chatzis” (Old Slaughterhouses)

 Sunday 25.9, 18:00 – 20:00 

Lecture:  Free

Workshop: 15 €