"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Subject: I have a dream

Competition "I have a dream" 2019


We are happy to announce that 6 participants of the HOME project that are going to work with the renown Belgian visual storyteller Jan Rosseel are now confirmed:
Eva Voutsaki (GR)
Dimitris Rapakousis (GR)
Korhan Karaoysal (TR)
Lila Zotou (GR)
Neslihan Koyuncu (TR)
Selen Tugrul (TR)

We want to say a big thank you to all applicants who shared their precious portfolios and words with us. It was a pleasure to see and discuss your work and it was really hard to choose among them!


Ka Atelier and Entefxis - Photometria Festival are delighted to announce HOME, an art project focusing on visual storytelling, editing and photobook making with internationally renowned Belgian visual storyteller Jan Rosseel.

For more information about the organisations
Ka Atelier :: www.kaatolye.net 
Entefxis :: http://www.photometria.gr/en/ 


HOME is an art project featuring lens-based artists.
Turks and Greeks used to live peacefully together and through the project we intend to rediscover this missing link, to connect with an 'unknown' but so known place and its people, its culture so near and yet so far, through a project that will be a source of inspiration for the involved communities.
The project focuses on the forced migration/population exchanges that happened between Turkey and Greece and intends to express the memory of this experience through artistic expression, footage, archive research and personal stories.
Lens based artists are invited to reflect on the idea of HOME and find (or not) a home in where they are living. The idea of home is open to interpretation: home as memory home as feeling; home as a common tradition, gesture, language, mentality.


- The project is open to all artists who are either citizens of Greece and Turkey or who are of Greek or Turkish origin.
- The jury will select six artists (three from Turkey, three from Greece) who are willing to work on the concept of Home.
- Selected artists will participate in two workshops that will be led by visual storyteller and documentary photographer Jan Rosseel (janrosseel.com):
Visual Storytelling workshop in Ioannina, Greece, duration of 5 days, between: 5-10th of February 2016.
Editing the work and Photobook workshop in Ankara, Turkey, duration of 5 days, dates: 21th-26th of April 2016
- The final artworks of the artists will be shared in the form of a Photobook and also with 2 exhibitions (one to be in Ioannina, Greece and one to be in Ankara, Turkey).
- The organizations cover accommodation and sustenance costs in Ioannina and Ankara, workshop costs, printing and exhibition costs, publication costs. Participants are kindly asked to cover all their own art production expenses, transportation expenses (and the expenses that may arise regarding their travels: like visa and passport procedures etc.)
- Nazl? Deniz Oguz and Photini Papahatzi, 'HOME' curators and project leaders, will be mentoring the selected participants and will help them to apply for grants to cover costs of transportation if needed.


Born in Brussels, Belgium (1979).

Jan Rosseel studied documentary photography at the Royal academy of arts in The Hague, The Netherlands and photojournalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark.

His work is best described as visual storytelling, between narration and documentation. He works as a collector of memories using photography, video and objects. The starting point of his research-based projects are historical events and the notion of memory. Stories that do not only reconstruct historical events but stories that also ask questions about the reliability of our memory and our brain. He works as an investigator using methods of scientific research and journalism to build a narrative where fact and fiction coexist.
His pictures have been published in International New York Times, Le Monde, De Volkskrant / Volkskrant magazine, Vrij Nederland, de Standaard / DS Magazine, de Morgen, De Tijd, Le Vif, l?echo, Onze taal, P/f, PhotoQ, 8weekly, copypasteculture, GUP, Piel de Foto, photographer.ru and Knack / Trends, Huffington Post and FOAMMagazine.


-The workshop Visual storytelling
Bring a body of work, ideas and a synopsis of your story to share with everyone.
During this workshop we will focus on the possible narrative structures and concepts of each participant. This process will be done in group by discussing each others projects, sharing thoughts and generating new ideas to work with during the workshop.
The aim of the first part of the workshop is not only to think about storylines and ideas but also on possibilities of presenting your work. We will also discuss alternative ways to tell your stories and photographic strategies. The aim is to give you feedback to continue working on your projects before the photobook workshop.

- The workshop Editing the work and photobook
During this workshop we will discuss all the work in group and work on editing, storylines and sequencing. Does your project need a book or do is an alternative output a better option? These are key questions we will answer and work on during this workshop. It is a hands on workshop in which we will work on a book andwe will talk about the possibilities for bookdummies for each project as well.


Interested lens based artists are invited to submit a proposal in a single .zip file to home@photometria.gr containing:

- a portfolio with 10-20 photographs (RGB, JPG format max width 1024 pixels and max height 768 px, 72dpi, no bigger than 500 KB) / Video stills and links to video work for artists using the medium
- artist statement (in English)
- motivation letter (in English)
- background profile (in English)

The deadline for submissions is 31th of October 2015, 11:59 pm (GMT +2)
We would like to kindly inform that the language of the workshops will be English.


The jury is Photini Papahatzi (Entefxis), Nazli Deniz Oguz (Ka Atelier), Panagiotis Papoutsis (Entefxis), Oguz Karakutuk (Ka Atelier) and Jan Rosseel .

- Entry deadline: October 31, 2015, 11:59 pm
Notice of acceptance: November 10, 2015
-1st Workshop :: February 19-24, 2016 (dates tbc)
-Submission of new artistic work: not later than 15th of April 2016
-2nd Workshop :: April 21-26 2016
-Exhibition and Photobook preparations :: May 2016
-Exhibition and PhotoBook presentations ::
* 1st exhibition :: 1-12th of June 2016, in the framework of Photometria Festival in Ioannina
* 2nd exhibition will take place in Ankara, in July 2016 (dates to be determined)

All applicants must be able to commit to developing this project beginning from the notice of acceptance till April 15th 2016 and must be able to attend the workshops in due dates.


Entefxis and Ka Photography Enhancement Atelier can use all the artistic en products for their own purposes, but always in previous consultation and in agreement with the participating artists. Copyright on the artistic end products remains with the artists.
Exhibition prints regarding the project Home won't be returned to the artists. On the other hand Entefxis and Ka Photography Enhancement Atelier are not allowed to use exhibition prints for commercial purposes or print new editions of the artistic end products after the project. Entefxis and Ka Photography Enhancement Atelier can use all the exhibition prints for their own purposes, but with no commercial purposes and always in previous consultation and in agreement with the participating artists.

For additional information please contact home@photometria.gr


Home is a TANDEM TURKEY-EU project organized by Ka Atelier and Entefxis-Photometria Festival.

TANDEM Cultural Managers Exchange Turkey European Union is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kultur (Istanbul), and supported by Stiftung Mercator (Essen).