"I have a dream" - Photometria Awards 2019

Θεματική: "I have a dream"
1-30.4.2019 Διαγωνισμός "I have a dream" 2019


Μουσείο Αργυροτεχνίας Ιωαννίνων (Κάστρο), Διάρκεια: 3-30.6.2017

Εγκαίνια: 3.6.2017, 14:30

Born in 1971 at Ha Noi city, Viet Nam

Now living in Ha Noi, Viet Nam

B.A Cultural

Attended training workshop of IMMF (Indochinal Memory Media Found)  by tutor as famous photographer as James Natchwey, Gary Knight, Tim Page, Steve Northup, Gaby Sommer

Now is reporter for Laong newspaper(one of  the biggest newspaper  of Viet Nam)


9  Solo exhibition

2014: Generals  at peacetime(P2) at 29 Hang Bai, Ha Noi,VN

2011: Interuption and Connection at 45 Trang Tien, Ha Noi,VN

2010: Ha Noi,quiet and sound at 36 Dien Bien Phu, Ha Noi,VN

2009: Generals at time of peace  (P1) at  29 Hang Bai, Ha Noi,VN
2008: Sun color in Japan Cultural Center, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

          Dharma and Life (Part II) at  Festival Hue 2008

2007:  To be or not To be at Korean Cultural Center, Hanoi,VN

2006: Dharma and Life (p1),at Hanoi, VN

2005:  Two hours, One day at Goethe Institutes, Hanoi,VN.


Many group Exhibition:



 Capture moment- top 26- Galleri Norrsken- Stockholm (Sweeden)


Grand Exhibition at AIFACS, New Delhi (Indiia)

5th Chang Fine Art photo contest- Bangkok (Thailand)

16th China Internatinal photographic Art exhibition (China).

Khayam International Exhibition of Photography (Iran).

Photometria Festival Home, Athena and others cities - Greece, then Budapet (Hungary).


Fifth Exposure Annual  Awards' at Louver Museum, Paris, France (digital display)_

Photo Annual Awards at Wall Gallery in Teplice Spa (Czech)

Viewpoint (Photographicangge, UK)  at  London, Bristol (UK)


Project Mulafoco awards contest-  Montevideo (Urugoay)

Photo Annual Awards at Wall Gallery in Teplice Spa (Czech)

Slide show at  Foto Loft Gallery, Mosscow winner exhibiton MIFA

The Story of Creative at  See.Me's Long Island City gallery- New York (US).

Photo Annual Awards at Wall Gallery in Teplice Spa (Czech)

New Color at  Blackbox Gallery (Oregon, US)

?Love? at Darkrom Gallery (Vermont, US)
Photoannual award- Prague (Czech Republic)

Slideshow - Soho Theater (London, UK)

Art of photography Show in San Diego (US)
3rd Singapore International Photography Festival at National Museum (Singapore)

Post Singapore (People on Street & Travel) at Singapore.

Tuk Tuk Singapore 2012

Fine art and documentary Biennal exhibition at Borges Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina) held by Worldwide Gala Photography Awards (UK)

2011:  Click it-open at Loughboroughtownhall (UK)

Wira Foto contest in Kualua Lumpua (Malaysia)

Exhibiton (Digital Display) at Soho Theater (London,UK)

2010:Exhibiton (Digital Display) at Soho Theater (London,UK)

2008: Three day, Three artists in L?espace ? Hanoi (role: curator and artist attended photograph exhibition and installation)

2000: The April Talking in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city (VN)


5  Book published

2016: My mother (Photo book)

2007: Speak myself to escape from the lonely (interview and essay)          

Dharma and Life (Book Art Photo)

2006:Vietnam photographs- Discover and Integration (ariticles)

2005: The meeting at the afternoon Saturday (articles)

Many  pictures has been feature in international publiacation such as: Wink Magazin, Fstop magazine (US),  Dodho Magazine (Spain), Art Photo Magazine (Czech), The Journal (US), Blur Magazine (Croatia), Photo, Privatephotoreview (France),  Artwanted calendar (US)  43mm Magazine, Eros Magazine (Newzealand), Obscuraljourna (US), PX3 annual book, LICC annnual book, Best of photography (Photoggrapher?s Forum), Urban 2015 (Stories and Porfolios)

And some pictutes feature in Saatchi collection as Contemporary Photography, Faces...


Awards and honor

As the first and only Vietnamese photographer  won the "Prix de la Photographie, Paris" Px3 ( 7  consecutive years), Pollux Annual Awards (UK-4  years), Photoannual Awards (Czech, 3  consecutive years), Photo Master Cup (UK-3 years), Moscow International Foto Award (MIFA, Rusian, 3  consecutive years ), Art of Photography Show (US), Shorlist and Honorable metion of  London international creative competion (LICC- 4 years) , Honorablle Mention of IPA (US, 7 years)

As the jury of many national photo contest such as Annual Photojournalism prize National held by Vietnam Journalis Association (2011, 2012), Gold moment- Vietnam Press Agency, Canon Photo contest for young...and jury of 2012 Film documentary annual award of Vietnam Cinema Association.


2 Bronze Medal (Fine Art and People) Tokyo International Foto Awards(Japan) 

1st Food Category- International Color Awards (US).

1st jury awards Photometria Festival (Greece)

4 place Nude- Category of  Lagrande (New York, US).

3 Honorable mention of Family of man- Photoawards (US)

Honorable mention of MIFA (Rusia)

Honorable Mention Same but Different - New York Center for Photographic Art.

Honorable mention - Khayam International Exhibition of Photography (Iran)

Top 20 of A world of Culture- Life Frame (US).

Finalist of Oasis Photo contest (Italia)

Finalist of Sipa contest (Italia)

Shorlist of Athen Photo Festival (Greece).



1 st prize Fine Art of  7 th  Pollux annual  Awards (UK)

Bronze medal  (Press) anf Honorable mention (Fine Art) of Px3 (Paris, France).

3rd prize 1st Roygbiv color awards (Tzipac, Newzealand)

3rd prize of Photo annnual Awards (Czech)

Winner of Le plus grand concours photo du monde 2015 (Paris,France)

Shortlist of Golden Camera (Rusian)

Shortlist of Donkey Art Prize (Italia)

Finalist of Siena Photo contest (Italia)

Top 25 Porfolios review hold by Folioport.org

Gold medal - Portrait, Bronze medal- Press and Honorable Travel of PX3 (Paris, France)
2nd Fine Art-Moscow International Foto Award (MIFA) 
Best photographer of the year-  Architecture and urbanism /means of transport and People /everyday life Mulafoco (Urugoay)      

The 2nd prize Live, Love and Laughter-(New Zealand)
The 3rd prize of 6th Pollux Annual Award (UK)

Top Winner of Le plus grand concours photo du monde (France)
Honorable of Photo annual awards (Czech)

Honorable of ND Awards Magazine (UK).
Jury's selection for ?Primary color- New York center for Photographic Art (US)
Selected for exhibition at Blackbox gallery (Portland, Oregon, US) and Darkroom gallery (Vermon, US)

5 Honorable mention of IPA (US), PX3(France)
Photo annnual award (Czech)
11th prize Oassis photo contest (Itlaia)
Shortlist of Best shot contest (UK) and ?Need to change? contest of Libartslondon (UK)


Special award (honorium) of Art of photography Show (US)
Silver medal of PX3 (Paris, France)- Fine Art- Nude
1st prize Creative invite held by Talen House with Viewbug (US)

One of the 50 best entries will be showcased in Singapore, 2012.


Bronze medal of PX3 (Paris, France)

1st prize of People and Planet -Australia

1st prize of Cultural and Dailylife of 3rd Pollux award (July month)

1st prize of Editorial and Current Afffair -2nd Pollux Awards- Worldwide Gala Photography Award (UK)

1st prize of ClickIt! Open? hold by Charnwood Arts(UK)

1st prize national  photo contest World heritage of Viet Nam

2nd prize of Art around the world (UK)

2nd prize of Cultural and Dailylife of 3rd Pollux award (April month)

2nd prize of Children of 3rd Pollux award (April month)

2 Silver award of International Loupe awards (Australia)

3rd of Execelent photo anuual of Vietnamese Photography Association.

3 Honorable mention of IPA (USA)

Honorable mention of PX3 (Paris, France)

Honorable mention of Fine Art of  2nd Pollux awrads- WGPA (UK)

Honorable mention of Chidren of 2nd Pollux WGPA (UK)

Honorable mention of Storyteller of WGPA (UK)

Honorable mention of Best shot of WGPA (UK)

Honrable mentiion of Children 3rd Pollux WGPA

Special Honorable certificate of 1st Canadian International digital photography Award

8 nominee of Photo Master Cup (UK) at Fine Art, Food, People, Portrait, Chidren...category

Shorlist London international creative competion (LICC)

Shortlist of Ciwem Enviromental photographer of the year (UK)

Finalis of Photographer's Forum Magazine (USA)


2010: 6th  prize of 13st  International photo contest of Photo Life (Canada)

Shortlist of London International  Creative competion (LICC)

7 Honorable Mention of IPA (USA)

Honorable Mention of Photo Master Cup (UK)

Honorable Mention of "Prix de la Photographie, Paris" (Px3)

1st prize and 2nd prize  of 2nd international photo contest online of Cyprus

The Fourth prize of Four season held by World wide Photograph Gala Award (UK)

The Meris award of Four season- World wide Photograph Gala Award (UK)

Shortlist of Lucie Scholarship

2009: 4 Bronze Awards of International Aperture Awards (Australia)

1st prize of People of Photo Master Cup 09 (UK).

The 3rd prize Photographer of the Year of Photo Master Cup (UK).

Honorable Mentions of "Prix de la Photographie, Paris" Px3(France).

3 Honorable Mention of International Photography Award (IPA), USA.

Runner-up of Quality of Life Category of Enviromental Photographer of the Year 2009 of Ciwem (UK)

Finalist of Color Life (USA)

Finalis of Photographer's Forum Magazine (USA).


As the first and only  Vietnamese photographer have porfolio was collective by Win- Initiative (New York, USA)



Viet Van Tran as a character in over 300 articles of newspaper such as: Vietnamnews, VietnamCourier, Nhan Dan, Lao Dong, Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien, The Thao va  Van Hoa, Saigon Giai Phong, Ha Noi Moi,  An ninh the gioi cuoi thang, Nguoi Ha Noi, Nha Bao va Cong luan, Van hoa Phat giao, Nhiep anh, The gioi Anh, VTC News, Suc khoe va doi song?Electronic newspaper: VietnamNet, Vnexpress, Quandoinhandan, Tienphong... .

In the personal exhibitions, many times interviewed directly by Radio the Voice of Vietnam, introduced about art personal activitives. TV channels  such as: VTV1, VTV3, VTV4, VTV6, VCTV of Vietnamese TV stasion  , H1 of Ha Noi TV station , VOVTV of Radio The Voice of Vietnam , audiovisual center Vietnamese News Agency carried out news and short  report about exhibition.

Besides, having many times answer the interview on Vietnam Television about Culture & Arts field.

 More Viet Van's works at:


And read interview Viet Van Tran at: