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Winners Photometria Awards 2020 “Stalk me”

Winners Photometria Awards 2020 “Stalk me”

Stalk me – Photometria Awards 2020

The winners are:

1st place: “Isaac and the Game”, Martina Cemin (ITA)

2nd place: “Metamorfosis”, Vassilis Konstantinou (GRE)

3rd place: “Horchata”, Erik Herrera (USA)

Theme: “Stalk me” 
1.4 – 17.5.2020


People that never sleep. Open screens and we spectators and spectacles at the same time. People staring up at us, a curiosity about the lives of others. We, first of all, photographing the unexpected and the random, before it gets lost in endless time. Because it’s our insatiable curiosity that pushed us there. A photo shoot on the street, a persistent look at the hidden or at something that we hadn’t even noticed until now, an obsessive glance. From Sophie Calle’s camera at the “Suite Venitienne” to the modern London’s street surveillance cameras. We live in a time where technology enables a continuous and two-way Panopticon. An endless surveillance of which we do not always know on which side we are. An instinctive need to see and be seen. Stalk us!


Awards :

1st Jury Award

E-PL8 1442IIR Kit blk/blk (E-PL8 black + EZ-M1442IIR black – incl. Charger & Battery)





2nd Jury Award:

CULLMANN NEOMAX 260  travel tripod






3rd Jury Award:

CULLMANN SYDNEY pro Maxima 425+  black, camera bag





In addition, one of the three winners has the opportunity to participate in the next year’s festival with a solo exhibition.









Spyros Staveris, Panayiotis Papadimitropoulos, Vanja Bucan, Dimitris Mitas, Mariya Kozhanova