SCREENINGS 2020 (new dates)


The screenings’s host take place at the Theater of the Municipal Cultural multiplex “Dim. Hatzis” (Palea Sfagia of Ioannina), with free entrance. The use of a mask is mandatory throughout your stay in the area.


Program in short:


Sunday 13/9, 21:00, “Photometria Screenings Open Call, Category: Animation”, 34’

Sunday 13/9, 21:45, “Photometria Screenings Open Call, Category: Video Art”, 64’

Tuesday 15/9, 21:00, “Photometria Screenings Open Call, Category: Short Films”, (1st part), 97’

Wednesday 16/9, 21:00, “Photometria Screenings Open Call, Category: Short Films”, (2nd part), 75’

Thursday 17/9, 21:00, “Photometria Screenings Open Call, Category: Short Films”, (3rd part), 100’

Friday 18/9, 21:00, Presentation of the selected movies of 3rd Chaniartoon, 98’


Analytical Program:


As part of this year’s festival and aiming to showcase new ways to use the image, we present the selected movies of the 3rd open Animation, Video Art and Short Films competition.


Sunday 13/9, 21:00

Animation, 34’


Soup, 4’30’’, Panagiotis Charalampous

Red Lion, 5’22’’, Olivia Hadjiioannou

Almost There, 8’44’’, Nelly Michenaud

Black Dog, 15’, Joshua Tuthill


Sunday 13/9, 21:45

Video Art, 64’


I will go backwards of our path, 2’50’’, Mattia Biondi

Digital Choregraphy, 7’36’’, Ndoho Ange

Temporary Solution for the Permanent Problems: #1, 11’14’’, Jihea Han

Two, 8’4’’, Vasilios Papaioannu

Stage of History, 6’15’’, Sahand Sarhaddi

One Thousand & Seven, 14’27’’, Eyal Segal

The Future of Human Nature, 13’27’’, Raechel Teitelbaum


Tuesday 15/9, 21:00

Short Films (1st part), 97′


– Slaughter, 13’13’’, Saman Hosseinpuor

– Frames, 11’5’’, Farhad Pakdel

– Elephant Bird, 15’40’’, Masoud Soheili

– The Bird Room, 27’, Noemi d’ Ursel

– The Void Between Things, 20’53’’, Andreas Pappas

– Stigma, 9’21’’, Kyriakos Rontsis


Wednesday 16/9, 21:00

Short Films (2nd part), 75′


– D-Obsession, 10’16’’, Diana Chemeris

– The Silence of God, 4’46’’, Ehsan Shahhosseini

– The Immaterial Man, 18’57’’, Aimilios Velia

– Were You There?, 6’47’’, Stella Giannakoudi

Suntrap, 6’8’’, Konstantinos Sofoklis Konstantinou

– No Beginning, No end (Zero), 14’30’’, Fanis Topsachalidis

– Sudden Storm, 14’5’’, Eua Troupioti


Thursday 17/9, 21:00

Short Films (3rd part), 100′


– Raheel, 29’59’’, Ayat Asadirahbar

– My Theatre,  4’56’’, Kazuya Ashizawa

– Howling, 8’16’’, Parsa Bozorgani

– Above Us Only Sky, 28’53’’, Arthur Kleinjan

– Faces Without Visage, 7’47’’, Hesam Rahmani

Come Back Bar, 19’54’’, Katerina Markoulaki


Friday 18/9, 21:00

Presentation of the selected movies of 3rd Chaniartoon, 98’

Chaniartoon – International Comic & Animation Festival, is a festival with its main theme comics and animation and it takes place every year in Chania, Crete. It is a member of ASIFA Hellas and collaborates with many festivals  in Greece and also abroad. Part of the festival is the large exhibition of Greek cartoonists-illustrators, the outstanding Artist Alley, that brings together artists from all over Greece, as well as screenings of selected animation films from around the world. Chaniartoon also innovates with a number of augmented reality and virtual reality exhibits, which aim to immerse viewers in a unique experience, but also to reach people with special abilities. The next Chaniartoon will take place September 11-20, 2020.


The list of the selected movies of 3rd Chaniartoon 2019:


Talent Scout, 7’, Jose Herrera

Dominique was the most famous talent scout in Paris.


The Theory Of Sunset, 8’48’’, Roman Sokolov

Late at night, a dedicated cyclist crosses the winter forest. The Challenge: Make sure that this new day will rise up with a fresh start, on time.


Homesick, 7’15’’, Hila Einy, Yoav Aluf, Noy Bar

A crisis in a young woman’s life forces her to return at her parents’ house.


Τhis side, other side, 8’51’’, Lida Fazli

No limit can prevent the formation of friendship and love between children.


Gaea and Aether, 4’42’’, May Stathopoulou

When the fertile Earth and the heavenly Ether meet, a dance begins to unfold.


De Les Kouventa, 6’, Thomas Kunstler

The story of an ordinary night in the port of Piraeus in the era of Rebetico.


Trois Francs Six Sous, 6’33’’, C.Ottevaere, F.Blain, L.Leblond, V.Indalkar, M.Ladjel, H.Valdelièvre-Rattier

A French farmer hopes to see life again in his mother’s eyes.


The Shepherd of the stars, 6’10’’, H.Berthelier, C.Bernard, M.Robert, A.Maggiacomo

Every day he walks on a difficult path to blow up a magical trumpet and light the stars.


Gunpowder, 5’30’’, R.Faure, N.Perron, L.Detrain, B. de Geyer d’Orth, P.Lin, A.Kubiak

Time for tea! Unfortunately, it’s over. So Fielas decides to go to the source in China!


Who are you?, 13’21’’,  Julio Pot

The story of a writer who, after his great success, goes through a disastrous period of creative inactivity.


The girl in red dress and yellow hat, 12’50’’,  Alvaro Rozas Leiva

Every night a mysterious girl in a red dress and yellow hat appears in the hands of Pablo at the train station.


The Fox & The Pigeon, 6’, M.Chua, A. Dewhurst, S.Gabriella, V.Ivanovski, S.Lee, T.Pacana, S.Kevin Sung, M.Thompson, M.Walton, S.Wang, Chelsea van Tol

A fox tries to save her ice cream from a pigeon …


Hello Emptiness, 4’56’’, Louison Chambon

Eli has lost some of his existence somewhere and now a huge gap fills him with melancholy.