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3rd Open Call of Projects of Moving Images 

Animation – Video Art – Shot Films


As part of this year’s festival and aiming to showcase new ways to use the image, we present the selected movies of the 3rd open Animation, Video Art and Short Films competition.





Soup, 4’30’’, Panagiotis Charalampous

Red Lion, 5’22’’, Olivia Chatziioannou

Almost There, 8’44’’, Nelly Michenaud

Black Dog, 15’, Joshua Tuthill


Video Art


I will go backwards of our path, 2’50’’, Mattia Biondi

Digital Choregraphy, 7’36’’, Ndoho Ange

Temporary Solution for the Permanent Problems: #1, 11’14’’, Jihea Han

Two, 8’4’’, Vasilios Papaioannou

Stage of History, 6’15’’, Sahand Sarhaddi

One Thousand & Seven, 14’27’’, Eyal Segal

The Future of Human Nature, 13’27’’, Raechel Teitelbaum


Short Films


Raheel, 29’59’’, Ayat Asadirahbar

My Theatre, 4’56’’, Kazuya Ashizawa

Howling, 8’16’’, Parsa Bozorgani

D-Obsession, 10’16’’, Diana Chemeris

Slaughter, 13’13’’, Saman Hosseinpuor

Above Us Only Sky, 28’53’’, Arthur Kleinjan

Frames, 11’5’’, Farhad Pakdel

Faces Without Visage, 7’47’’, Hesam Rahmani

The Silence of God, 4’46’’, Ehsan Shahhosseini

Elephant Bird, 15’40’’, Masoud Soheili

The Bird Room, 27’, Noemi d’ Ursel

The Immaterial Man, 18’57’’, Aimilios Velia

Were You There?, 6’47’’, Stella Giannakoudi

Suntrap, 6’8’’, Konstantinos Sofoklis Konstantinou

Come Back Bar, 19’54’’, Katerina Markoulaki

The Void Between Things, 20’53’’, Andreas Pappas

Stigma, 9’21’’, Kiriakos Rontsis

No beginning, No end (Zero), 14’30’’, Fanis Topsachalidis

Sudden Storm, 14’5’’, Eua Troupioti