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Simone Jimena Rudolphi (Parallel Voices)

Simone Jimena Rudolphi (Parallel Voices)

Simone Jimena Rudolphi is a socially engaged photographer with a strong documentary thread to much of her work. For her Masters at Northern Centre of Photography, Sunderland, her exhibition series shown at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art  included 6 works based on her own ENCOUNTERS over the previous 18 months documenting moments, opportunities and conflict without losing sight of THE VALUE OF EVERYONE ; something she illustrated by obscuring the identity of people in her images by overlaying them with 23.5 carat gold.  ( https://www.photosalon.online/simone-rudolphi )

She employs the camera as a recording tool as well as a universal licence to either observe or participate in moments. Sometimes those boundaries become blurred and pose challenges both for image making and for the use of images.

Beyond the main theme her work asks important question about representation, consequences of images in a global context, ownership of images and moments and the role of the image maker.

Her practice turns every moment – regardless whether happy or sad, easy or difficult – into an opportunity with endless possibilities at the heart of which rests trust in our common humanity.