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Photometria Awards 2022 exhibition, Looking for the Light travels to Athens

Photometria Awards 2022 exhibition, Looking for the Light travels to Athens

The exhibition of the best 25 photos on “Looking for the Light” that were selected by the great Magnum’s photographer, Martin Parr of Photometria Festival 2022, travels to Athens in Melanithros gallery.


Organized by: Photometria – International Photography Festival

Jury: Martin Parr

Opening: Teusday, November 15, 2022 @ 20:00

Duration:  15/11/2022 – 3/12/2022

Work hours: Tue – Fri 17:30 – 21:00 | Saturday 11:00 – 14:30

Zappa 4, 11635 Kallimarmaro, Athens
T +30 2103636904 | F +30 2106236976


I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.

Trent Parke


 Light, the cornerstone of photography. It is the animator, the one which reveals the world around us, which illuminates the unknown, and reveals virtues, hope, truth and happiness. It was used as a symbol of “good” religiously and socio-politically, which is in a perpetual battle against evil, darkness and shadows. It is identified with the divine, but also with knowledge. Already last year’s theme (Un)lucky (R)evolution, raised the question of where we stand as humanity now. This year we look forward. We look to the future optimistically, seeking light in every aspect of our lives. We are looking for all that is worth fighting for, but also all the darkness that is waiting to be illuminated. We are looking for the light that will give us new knowledge but also the optimism we need in a world that continues to plunge into darkness. As Magnum’s Australian photographer Trent Parke puts it: “Light turns the ordinary into the magical.” So this year, let’s try to spread the magic!



Tsygankova Daria Vasilevna, ”The dark knight”

Akis Pasalidis, ”Untitled”

Noemi Comi, ”Deathfest”

Vasilis Gonis, ”Don’t look at the sun”

Vladimiros Tachmatzidis, “Trip to knowhere”

Aggelos Barai, ”Untitled”

Mohammad Reza Masoumi, ”Ahoora”

Andi Abdul Halil, ”The Best Friend”

Nikos Konidaris, ”Angeliki”

Arezoo Babagoli, ”In the heart of the earth”

Tatiana Mishchenko ”Ephemeral Motels”

Sofia Tolika, “The escape of Philoctetes”

Olga Tkachenko , ”Spring morning”

Gali Tibbon, ”Cross of Light”

Elina Kichheva, ”Shaman”

Elena Kozlova, ”Natalie”

Antonis Papakonstantinou, ”Light composition”

Natalia Gorshkova, ”Jugglers”

Maria Karofyllidou, ”On the beach”

Matteo Capone, ”Solo”

Azamat Matkarimov, ”Mysterious shepherd”

Ali Moarref, ”Pray for forgiveness”

Sasan Moayyedi, “Love Story”

Sibusiso Bheka, ”Iparty”

Isidoros Mplougaris, ”Breathe”