The screenings’s host take place at the Theater of the Municipal Cultural multiplex “Dim. Hatzis” (Palea Sfagia of Ioannina), with free entrance, at 21:00.

Program in short

Monday 20/9: Photometria in Motion, Category: Short Films (1st part), 171′

Tuesday 21/9, Photometria in Motion, Category: Short Films (2nd part), 173′

Wednesday 22/9, Photometria in Motion, Category: Short Films (3rd part), 175′

Thursday 23/9, Photometria in Motion, Category: Short Films (4th part), 173′


Monday 27/9, Photometria in Motion, Category: Video Art (1st part),164′

Tuesday 28/9, Photometria in Motion, Category: Video Art (2nd part),153′

Wednesday 29/9, Selected movies of 4th Chaniartoon – International Comic & Animation Festival, 82′

Thursday 30/9, PALIMPSEST – “Post ALphabetical Interactive Museum using Participatory, Space-Embedded, Story-Telling”

Animated Stories by students of Primary and Secondary Schools, 6′

Thursday 30/9, Photometria in Motion, Category: Animation, 86’

Friday 1/10, The mountain tears, Stelios Charalampopoulos, 111’

Saturday 2/10, The Manakia Brothers. Diary of a long look back, Eliza Zdru, 91’

Analytical Program

Monday 20/9, 21:00

Photometria in Motion, Category: Short Films (1st part), 171′


Happy birthday, 1′, Marcos Altuve

Dreams Aren’t Made by the Wind, 7’ 35’’, Elvert Bañares

The Bead Fight, 28’ 51’’, Serafim Infante-Arana

Counting Cherries, 10′ 9’’, Gabriele Mendonça

All Alone in April, 9’ 19’’, Ace Norton

Bryan Zanisnik’s Big Pivot, 7’ 16’’, Nick Ravich

Black White, 5’ 32’’, Alexis Rummler

Wreathless, 8’ 22’’, George Sefer

From time to time, I burn, 15’ 38’’, Carlos Segundo

Best Guests, 15’ 52’’, Max Sherwood

Rosa Kairo, 14’ 30’’, Jacques Simha

The Middle, 14’ 59’’, Soheil Soheili

Fire Extinguisher, 4’ 24’’, Rodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado

Agua Man, 17’ 3’’, Alican Tamkan

The Followers, 7’ 37’’, Diego Valdés, Marcelo Numi

The Awakening Hour – III act, 3′, Nicola Zambelli

Tuesday 21/9, 21:00

Photometria in Motion, Category: Short Films (2nd part), 173′


Backhand Stroke, 13’ 20’’, Marcos Altuve

Glances, 6’ 57’’, Aleksei Borovikov

One More Please, 5’ 28’’, Aleksei Borovikov

Roadkill, 15’ 39’’, Aliza Brugger

Salty, Sweet, 12’ 22’’, Péter Hajmási

Let’s talk about a talk, 6’29’’, Zhou Jialin

Fishnet and the fish, 8′ 37”, Ali Νikfar

Surfaces, 21’ 44’’, José Luis González Peña

Black Cherries, 3’ 27’’, Unni Rav, Addi Ajmani

Red Bean Soup,17’ 28’’, Kadi Tsang

2 tea and 4 biscuit, 9’ 47’’, Yess K

MEGARO, 11’ 6’’, Vasilis Kalemos

Beef Stew, 10’ 39’’, Nikos Kallipolitis

CanceRL, 6’ 30’’, Anastasis Mavrogiannis, Ioannis Charalambou

Lot’s Wife, 23’, Panagiotis Stergianos

Wednesday 22/9, 21:00

Photometria in Motion, Category: Short Films (3rd part), 175′


Life without food, 6’ 54’’, Yana Belyaeva

Summer Heat, 1’ 17’’, Mert Ceylan

JE VIENS, 25’ 1’’, Cecilia Galli

The inhabitant, 5’ 21’’, Diego Mandelman

Wash Me Please, 8’ 37’’, Ali Nikfar, Saeid Mayahy

Obligate, 3’ 18’’, Barış Ordu

Behind the gate, 1’, Taras Petrenko, Roksolana Khanas

Epitaph to N/949, 7’ 16’’, Nacho Recio

Hung Between the Earth and the Sky, 8’ 31’’, Noemi Rossano, Dario Patrocinio

A Leaf, 17’ 29’’, Bishara Shoukry

The road of the weather, 11’11”, Afroditi Tavri

Selfie, 2’ 35’’, Joaquín Vallet

The Night Beyond, 2’ 17’’, Luo Yijue

Nox, 4’ 48’’, Mateusz Zieliński

SOSivio, 8’ 52’’, Nikolaos Galanis, Nikos Konstantakis, students of Primary school in Kounavi

Time never comes back, 1’ 29’’, Nikolaos Galanis, Students of 2nd Primary school in Skala Lakonias

Ah, these damn letters: au, 6’ 47’’, Nikolaos Galanis, Students of 2nd Primary school in Skala Lakonias

Home Tapes, 22′ 35”, Natasha Giannaraki

In Memoriam, 9’ 25’’, Dimitrios Karas

The Man in the Bushes, 5’ 50’’, Vasilios Papaioannu, Emma Piper-Burket

A State of Mind, 1’ 56’’, Dimitris Tranos

My Land, 12’ 11’’, Dimitris Tranos

Thursday 23/9, 21:00

Photometria in Motion, Category: Short Films (4th part), 173′


Home, 9’ 19’’, Aleksei Borovikov

Jump, 5’ 14’’, Aleksei Borovikov

From Khovrino, 7’ 41’’, Daria Elena Dashunina

Neon Hearts, 16’ 35’’, Ana Jakimska

Wish, 11’ 52’’, Seyoung Lee

A Few Flower Branches, 29’ 21’’, Mehrdad Parvani

Preferentes, 16’ 40’’, Nacho Recio

A Strange Season, 9’ 21’’, Burak Oguz Saguner

Subcutaneous, 19’ 16’’, Carlos Segundo

One, 1′, Roman Sinitsyn

Off for some Beers!, 19’ 59’’, Haris Gioulatos

A Skeleton in the Closet, 11’ 20’’, Eugenia Marouli

SIC PARVIS MAGNA, 11’ 33’’, Stefanos Nomikos

Handshake, 3’ 17’’, Katerina Sigala

Monday 27/9, 21:00

Photometria in Motion, Category:  Video Art (1st part), 164’


All That Remains, 3′ 14”, Recep Akar

Melancholia (1), 6′, Michael Amter

Monument to the Tiny, Fragile Human Body, 7′ 58”, Antony Crossfield

Balloons, 1′ 20”, Chris Furby

Imply Red, 4′, Werther Germondari      

Transmitting and Receiving, 3′ 39”, Dee Hood

Distant Nixa, 3′ 5”, Antonis Kartezos

Punishment, 2′, Antonis Kartezos

Chatbot Dialogs, 5′, Marina Landia

Gravity Tides (Subtle Dance), 7′ 34”, Ruxandra Mitache

Orbital Squares, 18′, Moojin brothers

Shadows on a house, 3′ 52”, Andrew Payne

A rose behind the mask, 7′, Nacho Recio

Ant, 15′ 9”, Nacho Recio

Self-portrait, 3′ 49”, Nacho Recio

Shadows of a radio in the east, 1′, Nacho Recio

Woodworm lab, 3′ 33”, Nacho Recio

Collage 25, 6′ 4”, Luis Carlos Rodríguez

Imaginary Chronicles, 3′, Muriel Sago

A shepherd looking for his lost sheep, 2′ 45”, Eirini Tampasouli

Corporate Responsibility Pledge, 6′ 40”, Allison Tanenhaus

La Citta Reale, 15′ 53”, Hing Tsang

Dirt, 12′ 29”, Helanius J. Wilkins, Roma Flowers

Tub Time, 13′ 50”, Jaffe Zinn

Tuesday 28/9, 21:00

Photometria in Motion, Category: Video Art (2nd part), 153′


Veo mis huesos, 16′ 57”, Thomas Georg Blank

Old Age, 4′ 32”,  Philip Brocklehurst

The First Few Moments of The First of January, 12′ 39”, Eneos Çarka

Music Evoked Story #1/ “Jellyfish”, 3′ 55”, Zoi Dalaina, Ralitza Ivanova

Music Evoked Story #2/ “Manisero”, 3′ 42”, Zoi Dalaina, Ralitza Ivanova

Selected Milk Added from Reconstituted Milk Powder Whole Pasteurized Homogenized, 19′ 58”, Jose Luis Ducid, Alfonso Camarero, Maria Meseguer

Haiku, 17′ 17”, Martin Gerigk      

How the World Fell in Between the Cracks, 4′ 50”, Mona Hedayati

August, 2′ 11”, Good John

The Prophetess, 1′ 40, Marco Joubert

The dream, 4′ 10”, Stelios Karatheodorou

P A N O R A M A, 5′ 50”,  Davide De Lillis, Nicola Galli

Silhouettes, 4′ 5”,  Davide De Lillis, Julia Metzger-Traber

Life Without Moon, 4′, Carles Pamies

Jenna, 2′ 22”, Nacho Recio

Morphogenesis, 22′ 49”, Nacho Recio

Save Me, 1′, Luis Antonio Rodriguez

We Are Ready Now, 1′ 39”, Jack Thomson

The New Renaissance Infinity Symbol, 2′ 44”, Ela Wiatr

RONDO, 6′ 30”, Telemach Wiesinger

SIGNAL, 9′ 45”, Telemach Wiesinger

Wednesday 29/9, 21:00

Selected movies of the 4th Chaniartoon – International Comic & Animation Festival, 82′

Chaniartoon – International Comic & Animation Festival, is a festival with its main theme comics and animation and it takes place every year in Chania, Crete. It is a member of ASIFA Hellas and collaborates with many festivals  in Greece and also abroad. Part of the festival is the large exhibition of Greek cartoonists-illustrators, the outstanding Artist Alley, that brings together artists from all over Greece, as well as screenings of selected animation films from around the world. Chaniartoon also innovates with a number of augmented reality and virtual reality exhibits, which aim to immerse viewers in a unique experience, but also to reach people with special abilities. The next Chaniartoon will take place September 13-28, 2021.


Τhe balloon catcher – Japan

Isaku Kaneko, 6’10’’


An axe-human tries to get along with a balloon-human in Balloon City.


Tapped out – United States

Logan Webb, 1’50’’


A  viking  beer  tap  handle  must  stop  at  nothing  to  prevent  a hopelessly drunk man from leaving the bar and getting behind the wheel.


Space apero – France

E.Legrade, L.Laville, E.Bricambert, P.Salerno, L.Bis-carat, A.P.Aguiar, 3’30’’


Every summer Lucie looks forward to the Perseids, begging her parents to let her watch the shooting stars. Meanwhile, in a dark corner of the galaxy, three strange creatures are preparing for an explosive night.


Pour une poignee de caramels – France

Hernan Gabriel Oliva, 6’


Grandma and Grandpa, a couple of old people are about to hold up  their  retirement  home’s  cafeteria  for  a  fistful  of  toffees. They are imagining themselves as Bonnie and Clyde, a couple of handsome and ruthless gangsters.


Last round – France

  1. Bournique, M.Chaulvet, K.Hochstetter, N. Jaffre, T.Merci-er, 6’27’’

In a Parisian suburb, a young and promising boxer has to find a way to ensure the future of his little sister, a piano prodigy.


Glace a l’eau – France

M.Barbe, D.Desvignes, V. Haye, 6’35’’


Separated  from  its  glacier,  a  curious  iceberg  drifts  with  the currents. He then discovers with fear and surprise a world as majestic as it is tormented.


Blakanika – Italy

Lu Pulici, 5’


This is the true story of Vladimir Sambol, an accordionist and composer from Rijeka, who migrated to Sweden to escape the war, carrying only his accordion with him.


At first sight – Netherlands

Sjaak Rood, 17’


A man and a woman drive straight towards one another. They hit the breaks just in time and come to a standstill, facing each other. They’re both too stubborn to give way to the other. A life story begins.


Ailin on the moon – Argentina

Claudia Ruiz, 5’


Work, do the shopping, cooking, cleaning, ironing, taking care of Ailin: that is  the  routine  of  Vilma,  mother  of  40  years,  overwhelmed  by  fatigue  and skin intolerance. Ailin (4), just looking to play and demand the attention of a restless girl, one day causes the emotional outbreak of the mother. The routine that led them away must be broken to meet again.


Adopt a brocoli – France

Mailys Pitcher, 1’20’’


An unloved broccoli desperately wants to be eaten.


Oeil pour oeil – France

T.Boileau, A.Guimont, R.Courtoise, M.Lecroq, M.Hunt, F.Bri-Antais , 5’54’’


An  one  sighted  pirate  captain  keeps  going  on  a  journey  to  get a treasor, everytime with a new crew of pirates as one sighted as he is.


Roberto – Spain

Carmen Cordoba Gonzalez, 9’


15 years have  passed  and  Roberto  is  still  in  love  with  his  neighbor, but she prefers to hide ashamed of her body. With his art and an old clothesline as the only ways of communication, Roberto has a plan to push his beloved for face her monsters at once.


The bird and the whale – Ireland

Carol Freeman, 7’3’’


The  Bird  and  the  Whale  is  a  story  about  a  young  whale struggling  to  find  his  voice.  After  straying  too  far  from  his family to explore a shipwreck, he discovers it’s sole survivor, a caged songbird. Together they struggle to survive lost at sea.

Thursday 30/9, 21:00

PALIMPSEST – “Post ALphabetical Interactive Museum using Participatory, Space-Embedded, Story-Telling”

Animated Stories by students of Primary and Secondary Schools

The Wolf, 54’’, 2nd Secondary School of Ioannina

The Notes, 1’ 13’’, 7th Primary School of Ioannina – Pavlidios

Ntourahan Passas, 1’ 1’’, 26th Primary School of Ioannina

The Doll, 1’ 10’’, 1st Experimental Primary School of Ioannina

The Nurses, 1’ 27’’, 1st Experimental Primary School of Ioannina

Thursday 30/9, 21:10

Photometria in Motion, Category: Animation, 86’


The Boy and The Mountain, 11′ 23”, Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal

Bear With Me, 4′ 50”, Daphna Awadish

Ex Terrat, 5′ 45”, Reinhold Bidner

The Dead Hands of Dublin, 7′ 34”, Leo Crowley

Dandedog, 5′ 5”, Elmano Diogo

Paint On Paint # 1, 3′ 33”, Vasco Diogo

Stopgap in Stop Motion, 4′ 40”, Stephen Featherstone

Mimesis, 7′, María Josefa Luengo

I Am a Motif, 8′ 8”, Sijia Luo

Mare Monstrum, 5′ 29”, Lucía Hernández Martínez, Àngel Estois Carrasco, Mercè Sendino García

Swan Lake, 9′ 33”, Saeed Mayahy, Hamid Jamali

Malfunction, 1′, Ilgın Saçan

First day of a chick, 1′ 45”, Anastasia Shinkarenko

Magic Head, 3′ 49, Anastasia Shinkarenko

Sea ya, 1′ 54”, Yani Sun

Dustria, 5’18, Allison Tanenhaus

Friday 1/10, 21:00

The mountain tears, Stelios Charalampopoulos, 111’

A group of stone craftsmen wanders wherever they can build houses, bridges, schools, churches. Their materials are stones, mountain tears. Being mountaineers themselves, their poor homeplace pushes them away like the tears of the mountain, to emigrate in order to live. Not far away the war is raging. They have been cut off from their villages for almost ten years because of it. The attempt of the master craftsman Markos and the craftsmen to return home develops into a cruel and exhausting Odyssey.

Saturday 2/10, 21:00

The Manakia Brothers. Diary of a long look back, Eliza Zdru, 91’

A quest to discover the origins of an old photograph takes a winding road in the Balkans and ends up being an introspection on the first images ever filmed in the region.

A mysterious photograph of my great grandparents taken in the 1920’s somewhere in the Balkans reminds me of two Aromanian photographers, famous in the region at the time – Milton and Ianaki Manakia. Trying to verify the assumption that my great grandparents, also of Aromanian origin, were indeed photographed by the two brothers, I embark on a journey through Romania – Bulgaria – Macedonia – Greece trying to recompose the lifestory of the two people who became the very first filmmakers in the region, devoted documentarists of the most dramatic changes that reshaped the face of the Balkans in the first part of the 20th century.