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Results Announcement of 2nd Photometria Student Awards!

Results Announcement of 2nd Photometria Student Awards!

The 2nd Photometria Student Awards competition for 2022 is now over! We would like to thank everyone who participated and shared their photographic ideas, as well as those who rushed to support this project for another year. Especially Lila Zotou who singled out the winners:



1st prize: Balamos, Nikitas Sifonios

2nd prize: Loss, Martha Kapsoulaki

3rd prize: People, Eleni Morfoulia

4th prize: Indestructible Bonds, Ermione Xirou



The presentation of the exhibition, of the above 4 photographic series,

will be curated by Ioulia Ladogianni and Tasos Papadopoulos!



The exhibition will be hosted in the following places:


-1 Gallery, The Lounge Bar (Pargis Square)

Duration: 24.9 – 2.10.2022

Mon. – Sun.: 10:00 – 22:00


Φolk (Zappa 3)

Tues. – Sun.: 19:00 – 00:30



Be there!

The awards:



1st Prize: One year courses at the Contemporary Photography training program that takes place live at AKTO in Athens.


More information about the program you can find here.


or alternatively (in case the winner cannot attend the study program in Athens), two seminars of his choice from the series of online seminars of AKTO.


More information for the seminars you can find here


Facebook: ΑΚΤΟ

Instagram: ΑΚΤΟ


2nd Prize: Educational program from IEK DELTA 360 


Annual scholarship to the “Art of Photography” program. The student can choose any structure in the 8 cities where IEK DELTA 360 is located, within a reasonable period of time. The complete curriculum of IEK DELTA 360 prepares excellently for the future professional photographer and fully covers both the theoretical background and his internship.


More information you can find here.


Facebook: IEKDELTA360

Instagram: IEKDELTA360




3rd Prize: Educational Programme by esp+


Through studying at the section Creative I of the programme e-learning ESP the student is introduced to the basic principles of photo composition, visual perception and semiology of the image. In the Creative II section the student performs two of his own individual works on the landscape and the portrait that constitute his portfolio and are designed so that they can take part in individual or group photography exhibitions. ESP e-learning programs are designed to be remote and personalized, with the student having weekly contact with his teacher through the esp+ educational platform, teleconferencing and email.


You can find more for the sections Creative I & II of the programme e-learning ESP here


Facebook: ESP

Instagram: ESP



4th Prize: Digital seminar for guidance – completion of a photo portfolio with Lila Zotou (Duration: 6 hours with the beginning of the new academic year)